The BMW G310 GS has been launched at INR 3.49 lakhs (ex-showroom). The pre bookings pf this had already commenced last month at BMW Motorad showrooms across India. This bike was showcased at the Auto Expo 2018. BMW is set to make a dent in the affordable adventure motorcycle segment. The luxury brand has made its entry into a segment which it has never been in before. The good part is that BMW has launched an adventure bike as this scenario is changing pretty rapidly in India.

This new bike is based on the G310R. Jointly manufactured by BMW and TVS, the BMW G310 GS will be launched after the G310R. BMW has announced that the bikes will be launched by the second half of 2018. The BMW G310 GS has been inspired by the larger 1200 GS. The design is somewhat similar. The BMW G310 GS will provide affordable yet quality adventure biking and this is what will be its USP.

BMW G310 GS will be a boon for adventure bikers, who want to be on this of INR 4 lakhs, but do not want to compromise on style and build quality. The BMW badge image is expected to garner good sales volumes for this bike. It may also grab market share from bigger motorcycles. How will the bike be? Should it be a good buy? Read further to know more about the BMW G310 GS.

India may be one of the last countries to take adventure biking seriously. However, more and more bikers are getting attracted to this segment. Leisure motorcycling is at an all  time high in India. Adventure biking is becoming an important genre, which manufacturers would not like to ignore. This is the BMW G310 GS.


2018 BMW G310 GS Price in India

ModelPrice (ex-showroom)
BMW G310 GS₹ 3.49 Lakhs

The price of this bike is not exactly attractive, but not over the top as well. The Munich-based automaker will look at capturing this segment and reach out to buyers across the country. Adventure touring segment is growing in India and this attract a lot of buyers to this bike. Buyers would want to own the BMW monicker. It will more expensive than the G310R, as carries more equipment. This includes a new suspension and dual purpose tyres.

BMW G310 GS Specification

BMW G310 GS Specifications

Power34bhp @ 9500rpm
Torque28Nm @ 8000rpm
Transmission6-speed transmission
Top Speed140 km/hr

The engine is shared with the G310R. The recently launched TVS Apache RR 310 also has the same engine doing duty. It is a free revving motor. The tuning is different in the BMW G310 GS. This will be a 313cc single-cylinder engine that has a power about 34bhp at 9,500rpm, while the max torque will be 28Nm at 7,500rpm. There will be a six-speed transmission doing duty here.

There shall be no change in the transmission or even the engine. It will have a larger rear sprocket. This will enable it to produce more torque at a lower speed. This is exactly what is required in an adventure bike. The gearbox will have a new ratio as this bike needs to have a lot more low end torque than the G310R. This will enhance its acceleration but the top speed will be reduced. Thus it will be suitable for some off-roading too.

The chassis will be the same, however there will be a tweak in the suspension. The front will have inverted telescopic forks and the rear gets a mono-shock suspension. The damping shall be different and the the front suspension will have a longer travel. ABS will be offered as a standard feature and this will be a dual channel ABS. There will be no slipper clutch or ride by wire on this bike.

BMW G310 GS Review – Design

The BMW G310 GS is designed to be an adventure bike. However, it will not be the hardcore variety. More of a soft-roader. This bike will usher in a new segment and will open up the market for affordable adventure bikes. This BMW adventure bike will not be a hard core off-roading machine, but will be able to manage off-road conditions. Currently there are very few adventure bikes in India, which are affordable. In terms of styling, the G310 GS it differs from the G310R. The suspension has a long travel. It also gets on/off road tyres and a raised stance which is typical of an adventure-bike.

BMW G310GS handle

The headlamp design, fuel tank and the rear portion has been inspired form the BMW F 700 GS. Because of this, the bike looks bigger and more muscular. The product development and design is being done by BMW and the manufacturing will be done by TVS at their Hosur plant in India. BMW Motorad is preparing to launch the bike this year. The BMW adventure bike has a short wheelbase, hence it will easy to maneuver this bike during off-roading. It will provide best of both worlds.

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BMW G310 GS Mileage

BMW G310 GS Mileage

City30 km/l
Highway35 km/l
ARAI45 km/l

The BMW G310GS is expected dot have a fuel efficiency 30 km/l. On the highway, there will be an increase and it should be around 35 km/l mark. This BMW adventure bike will be slightly lesser than the G310 R.

BMW G310 GS Seat Height

Seat Height Low820mm
Seat Height High850mm

The seat height of the GS310 GS is not too high. This BMW adventure bike gets two steps of adjustments. The lower level is 820mm and the higher one os 850mm. Very short riders may find the BMW adventure bike a little cumbersome. However, for most riders the lower seat height level would suffice.

 BMW G310 GS Suspension and Brakes

Despite a short wheelbase, the BMW Adventure bike comes with 19-inch tyres. The long travel suspension will make it comfortable and convenient to ride off-road as well. The tubular space frame of the G310R is carried forward on this bike too. It has upside-down fork at the front and the rear is made up of aluminium swing arm. This bike will come with dual-channel ABS as a standard offering.

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BMW G310 GS Images 


BMW G310 GS Competition

At the moment, there is no real competition to the BMW G310 GS. However KTM will be launching the Adventure 390. This will directly compete with the G310 GS. Royal Enfield Himalayan is another competing product, however, this bike will appeal to a wider audience. Hero is also looking at laughing the Xpulse, which will be priced lower than the G310 GS, but will be a strong competitor too. BMW will be more about the brand and the performance.


  • Design Preview
  • Engine Preview


BMW G310 GS is an adventure bike which will be launched this year. This will be a very good option for those looking for a reliable and affordable adventure bike.

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