Yamaha is working towards introducing multiple new bikes into its fleet and it shall be showcasing many of them at the 2018 Auto Expo. There shall be several new bikes and scooters on display. There shall many of these that will be showcased as concept and there will be some that will be their new future products. We will be sharing information about the new products that will be launched in India in the near future and will be on display. 

Yamaha had recently launched the FZ25 and the Fazer 25 in India. The brand isn’t just getting powerful options, it is also working on lower displacement bikes and scooters too. For instance, first came the Saluto with a 125cc engine, then the Saluto RX with a 110cc engine. Yamaha is due to introduce a 100cc motorcycle in India and this is likely to boost their sales numbers. Yamaha is even working on multiple new scooters also. They want to get into most of the market options at the moment and grow rapidly in the Indian market.

Yamaha was a well-known brand in India that had the RX100, RX135 and the RD350 in its offering. These were loved by the enthusiasts and the newer Yamaha bikes too have the a similar following. There is the R15, R3 that are doing well for the company. The FZ25 and the Fazer 25 have also got a good response too. Following are the new products that Yamaha is looking at getting into the Indian bike market at the 2018 Auto Expo:

Yamaha 100cc bike

This is one of the most important bikes Yamaha will be getting into India. After a good response of the Saluto and the Saluto RX, Yamaha is looking at enhancing its reach with the new 100cc bike. This will also be light, powerful and fuel-efficient. At the moment the company is enhancing its number of dealerships in the country. The smaller capacity engines will have a higher demand in the rural parts of the country and this will help them add more numbers to it. Pricing will be key and we reckon Yamaha will be able to make a striking deal on this new bike. With this new bike, Yamaha could be looking at targeting the Hero market. This will not help them to dent Hero, but even a small market share will grow Yamaha’s numbers. The bike should be priced at About Rs 48,000 (on-road). This will make it an exciting product to consider. This new bike should make its launch in India by late 2018. This will a game changing product of the New Yamaha Bikes at the 2018 Auto Expo.

Yamaha R15 V3

Est. PriceRs. 1.6 lakh (on-road)
Launch DateFebruary 2018

This is one bike that we are expecting will be showcased at the 2018 Auto Expo. Even though brands generally do not show new generation bikes unless the plan is to immediately launch it. Yamaha could have plans to launch this new-gen bike immediately after the Expo and hence it will want to showcase it at the Expo and get the reactions. Yamaha will be looking at getting bookings on this. The Yamaha R15 V3 has the same 149cc engine but it has seen a bump in its power to 18bhp and it gets variable valve technology. The price of thsi bike should be in the range of Rs 1.6 lakhs (on-road). There won’t even be ABS also on offer. The Indonesian version doesn’t even offer that.

Yamaha R15 V3 blue

2018 Yamaha R3

Est. PriceRs. 3.4 lakh
Specifications321cc twin-cylinder
Launch DateFebruary 2018

After the R15, the R3 is also due to get an update. This new bike will be made available in the upcoming year. The R3 has got a model year upgrade and it seems that the new bike will be launched at the Auto Expo itself. This is majorly a model year upgrade. Nothing apart from that. There are minor changes in the styling apart from this nothing. The engine has been tweaked for an increase in power, majority of them are minor changes. This is the product that the enthusiasts will be looking at of the Yamaha launches at 2018 Auto Expo.

2018 Yamaha R3
2017 YZF-R3

Yamaha Nozza Grande

Est. PriceRs. 55,000
SpecificationsSingle-cylinder, 125 cc
Launch DateMay 2018


This will be more of a powerful version and luxurious version of the Fascino. The 110cc scooter has done well for the company and it wants to take it to the next level. At the same time, the new Nozza Grande will be a good addition for the Yamaha brand. It is looking at introducing more features on this scooter, like mobile charging, 12-inch tyres and of course more power. This 125cc scooter is bigger is size too and even the paint is more premium.

Yamaha Nozza Grande 125

Yamaha 110cc scooter

Yamaha will want to get a more practical 110cc scooter in the market. This will be an opportunity for them to add more value and get a family scooter. The advantage of this will be practicality. With thism it can compete with the Honda Activa 4G and the TVS Jupiter. These are two of the most strongest scooters, giving Yamaha some more advantage. Fascino is for those who need style, RayZR for those looking at performance but nothing for a practical/family scooter.  This new scooter will be launched by early 2019. Nothing before that.


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