Triumph Motorcycles UK and Bajaj Auto have announced a new global partnership. Both companies aim to provide a range of mid-size motorcycles and in the meanwhile benefit from each other’ strengths. This partnership marks a new chapter in the history of both manufacturers and it will be interesting to se how it shapes up. Not much details are yet known, but we’ll get you more information soon.

Bajaj Auto had come into global news after acquiring a stake in KTM. The Austrian brand since then has seen its smaller capacity bikes being manufactured in India. We hope this partnership of Triumph and Bajaj also does something similar in the Indian marketplace. Baja Auto said in a statement, “We hope to bring to bear upon global markets the individual strengths of the partners including brand position and perception, design and development technology, quality and cost competitiveness and worldwide distribution”.

Triumph Street Twin front thre quarter

The partnership arrangement is something similar to what Bajaj has with KTM. Bajaj holds 48 percent share in the Austrian company. Triumph motorcycles in India, though having established a good brand image, has been struggling with volumes. With competition getting more and more fierce, this new partnership may bring some benefits to this iconic brand.

Bajaj Auto will look at taking on Harley-Davidson in manufacture of mid-size retro and cruiser bikes. This partnership will give an advantage to Bajaj in consolidating their brand image and further improving it. Triumph bikes will be manufactured in the Chakan plant, along with KTM and also Husqvarna, which is planned to be made in India.

This partnership comes in soon after Bajaj Auto severed its ties with Kawasaki and the japanese manufacture now is solo in the country. Triumph will look to benefit from the low-cost manufacturing prowess that Bajaj Auto has. So we can see Triumph motorcycles being exported from India, apart form being sold here. It also gives the duo some more strength over brands like Harley-Davidson, Ducati and Kawasaki, who are fighting it out to grab more and more market share.

What will happen with this?
All new Triumph bikes that will be manufactured in India will be cheaper. This will mean they will become affordable just like the way, KTM has become. But they will be more affordable in their segment. This will help Bajaj to add more and more bikes not just for Indian market but even export it from here. This will benefit not just the Indian economy but even add more value to the Indian economy as exports will go up. At the same time, Triumph will see an increase in its sales numbers too. This will make the brand more affordable and the company will be able to give a fierce competition to Harley Davidsion, which already has a manufacturing base in India.


Does it help buyers? 
This will help the buyers a lot. Many of the bikes, especially the mid-weight are expensive and with this localisation they shall get cheaper. This will mean the competition will also have to manufacture their bikes locally to match up. Due to this, the mid-weight and bigger engine bikes shall become cheaper. How much? Too early to say that but sometime very soon. We reckon the production of the new bike will take about 2-3 years to be highly localised.

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