Renault has shared a teaser image of its upcoming Kadjar crossover that will be unveiled on the 2nd of this February. This is the company’s first crossover in the C-segment. Kadjar is a French word, where Kad stands for quad- representing the go-anywhere four-wheel drive vehicle and jar recalls the French words ‘agile’ and ‘jaillir’ representing agility and suddenly emerging from somewhere. The sound and spelling of the name have an exotic feel, which suggests adventure and discovering new horizons.


The initial letter ‘K’ is indicative of the model’s robustness and the KADJAR fits seamlessly with Renault’s existing B-segment crossover – Captur and even the Koleos. This is a crossover and if the reports are to be believed then it will be based on one of Nissan’s current best-seller in Europe— Qashqai. The second-generation Qashqai and the new X-Trail have gone on sale a while ago and this is likely the same platform that Renault will share for reduction of cost.

The Nissan Qashqai and the X-Trail too are likely to enter the Indian market and it seems that we could also see the Renault Kadjar to be launched in India for more components sharing. Renault hasn’t mentioned anything about this crossover and so far has only released a teaser image of this crossover, which isn’t even the image of the crossover.

The Renault Kadjar’s promotion has commenced from yesterday on social media and it is on the 2nd of February that the crossover will be revealed. The Renault Kadjar will be the company’s next crossover, and with Nissan as its alliance partner, we can expect a tried-and-tested platform as the Qashqai is already on sale.


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