The Go+ is the second product from Datsun that will be aiming at the mass market. However, this will be the first product with seven seats to be made available at a price point close to a Hyundai Grand i10.It is based on the Datsun GO and the Plus indicates that the GO+ is longer. It is still under 4 metres, which means it will get the duty cut too.



The Datsun GO+ has three rows of seating, where the first row rows are similar to the Datsun GO in terms of styling, quality, fit and finish to the space it offers. The third row is however tight as there isn’t sufficient knee room or even headroom for adults, it is strictly meant for young children. The access to the third row of seats is a bit difficult also. The space on offer as boot is massive when the third row of seats are folded. They fold flat and so does the second row of seats.




A 1.2-litre petrol engine will power the Datsun Go+. The power ratings haven’t changed, but the tuning has as the GO+ is heavier than the GO. So, to improve the drivability of the GO+, engine has been retuned. This will be a seven-seater based on the Micra platform. There won’t be much of a difference in ground clearance and neither will it be too tall. Watch out for MotorOctane’s review of the Datsun GO+. We are now in Dehradun to drive the new GO+ and soon we shall be sharing our review. The Datsun Go+ is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2015.


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