Tata Tiago EV has been in the buzz for some time now. The car has also been showcased at the Auto Expo 2018. It was one of the attractions at the Tata pavilion, in the auto show. The Tiago EV or the Tiago Electric will be making its way into the Indian car market by 2019, which is next year. The prospect of only selling electric vehicles in India from 2030, has made car makers expediting their electric vehicle projects and getting them ready for launch as early as possible. Tata Motors is one of them, which is working on the Tiago EV for a while. The pricing of the Tata Tiago electric car will be of keen interest and is expected to set a benchmark there as well.

The Tata Tiago EV has been showcased at the Auto Expo 2018. The new Tiago Electric retains its regular styling, however there are multiple changes in the design. The Tiago EV will have an electric motor and to add to that, an automatic transmission too. The Tiago EV has parts sourced from JLR, however, it will be highly localized and hence will be priced well.

While the electric car scenario in the world is changing very fast, Indian manufacturers are also looking at developing electric cars. Mahindra has been a pioneer with the e2O. Now, Tata Motors is also foraying into this segment. Tata has been contemplating electric power for its vehicles in the future. While we were expecting the Nano to come in an electric version, it is the Tiago that will see an electrically driven powertrain. The Tiago EV will be the first electric car by Tata Motors to enter production.

TMETC which is Tata Motors European Technical Centre in UK has been developing electric vehicles. There was the Tata Bolt BEV revealed last year. Hence, many components from that vehicle could be used on the Tiago Electric. While the Bolt has been developed in an electric form, the Tiago will bring on more viability and is something that Tata would like to focus upon.

The Tata Tiago is a low cost car in today’s scenario. The platform it uses is basically the modified Indica platform. This platform also spins out the Tata Tigor, which also has been displayed in an electric version. Both cars will have similar specifications. Except for the design, everything else will be identical. There would be other products that would see the same underpinning in future. The low cost architecture helps Tata keep the pricing extremely aggressive and we expect the electric car also to be priced well. Tata is looking at introducing electric cars well before 2020.

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Tata Tiago Electric Price in India

Minimum expected ₹ 8.5 lakhs
Maximum expected ₹ 11 lakhs


The Tata Tiago electric will be priced aggressively. Tata will be able to achieve this due to the low cost of the platform and they are also churning good volumes for the Tiago. The expected price of the Tiago EV Price should be between 8.5 lakhs to 11 lakhs. This will make it an exciting package to consider if you want EV. The only downsides are that this EV will not have too many options to get it recharged. The Tata Tiago EV car price will be expensive than the regular petrol and diesel as lithium batteries are expensive to procure at the moment and this shoots the initial costing. Tiago will have lithium ion battery.

Tata Tiago EV rear

Tata Tiago EV Launch Date

The Tata Tiago EV will be entering the Indian market by mid 2019. This will be a time when Tata will also work towards building the infrastructure for EVs. The Tiago EV will be the first electric car to be launched by Tata Motors.


Tata Tiago Electric Vehicle Mileage / Range 

Tiago EV Range
Single charge 100 kms


The Tata Tiago Electric is expected to have a range of upto 100km in a single charge. The car will also get a fast charge facility. This will help the car to be charged upto 40% with an hour’s time. It will make the Tiago EV a very good option to consider as most people drive around 40-60 kms in a day, in cities. A single charge can last for two days that way. Though the company hasn’t officially announced the correct figure. This might not be sufficient, but it seems with time the range will also see an increment. The Tiago EV will not be sold in major numbers and in the initial phase the technology isn’t as advanced like other markets.

Tata Tiago Electric Car Specifications

Tiago EV


85kW electric motor




Single-speed gearbox

Top Speed



The Tata Tiago EV is capable of accelerating from 0-100 km/h in 11 seconds, in the sport mode. This car would have a top speed of 135km/h. The powertrain will be borrowed from the Bolt EV concept car. It is likely to have an 85kW electric motor  with a torque of 200Nm. As per Tata, the powertrain would offer a range of 100kms with a single charge.  It will be a zippy car and good fun to drive in the city. There will not be any noise or vibrations in the car and hence it will add to a lot of comfort too. The car weighs about 1040 kilograms, about 20 kilograms lighter than the regular car.

Tata Tiago Electric

The electric Tiago is for sure faster, silent and more fun to drive. Tata Motors will be using the same set of electric motors and battery pack on the Tigor too. Tata has won the contract for 10,000 Tigor EVs for EESL. This will mean better sales for the

Tata Tiago Electric – Why should you consider it?

Tata Motors is already testing the Nano Electric in India. The Tiago will be a more practical car as compare to the Nano. It will also offer better safety and comfort. The Tiago brand has been well accepted by the Indian audience and Tata would like to cash in on that at the moment. Tata Motors is also testing some other products like an electric bus. The Tiago EV can also be sold under the TAMO brand. It could also use the Moflex platform.

Tata Tiago Electric transmission

Tata Motors aims to be the biggest electric and hybrid vehicle manufacturer in India and  is focussing on this segment with fervour. Electric cars are the future and the scenario in India, though not as evolved as other markets for electric cars, is changing rapidly and people will start opting for more and more electric cars.


Tata Tiago EV Design

In terms of styling there will no difference in the Tiago EV. The same Humanity grille will continue with pulled back headlamps. There will be not much of a difference in the bonnet. Underneath there are the electric motors instead of the engine. The side profile remains the same – no change in the design. The Tiago will continue to be offered with 14-inch tyres. The tail lamps will have the same design, but reckon they could be LEDs to reduce power consumption. 

The Tiago EV will not see any difference in its design, but the weight will change. The weight of the Tiago Electric will see a drop by 20 kilograms. It will be anyways be faster and quieter. There will no change in the colour options mostly. We reckon, the Tiago should be offered in the same set of colours – maybe a new colour for the electric might also come in.

Tata Tiago EV 2

Tata Tiago Electric Features

There shall no difference on the inside. The Tiago EV will come with the same set of interiors. Just that the gear knob will be replaced by a rotory. This will have P, R, N and D modes on it. The steering wheel will be the same and the instrument cluster will have battery charge, speed and range on display. So the instrument cluster will see some amount of changes. Then the interior space will remain the same. There will be sufficient room for 4 people inside and there will be adequate boot space too. The Tiago EV will get a touchscreen system for ease of usage it seems. We aren’t certain but this is one of the possibilities on the Tiago.

  • Four power windows
  • Push start and stop
  • Keyless entry
  • Reverse sensors
  • Touchscreen system
  • Dual airbags
  • ABs with EBD
  • 100 kilometre battery range
  • Quick charging option
  • Top speed of 135km/hr
Tata Tiago Electric
  • Design
  • Interior
  • Engine and Transmission


Tata Tiago Electric as the name suggests as the electric version of the Tiago.

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