The 2018 Auto Expo will be an exciting phase as most of the automakers are already geared up for unveiling multiple new cars. Last time, Honda had got got the Accord hybrid as one of its major highlights and the BR-V as well. This time we reckon there should be more products on offer and the company will be looking at adding more options for car buyers. Honda has been looking at expanding its base and one of the products will be the new Amaze, updated Jazz and even the products like Civic and HR-V can also be making a debut as well. Well, it is a bit too early to state anything as of now. So, we reckon we should be waiting a bit longer.

Honda is looking at continuing its dominance but even extending it to newer segments. The WR-V is another success story for the company. Honda is looking at adding more numbers and this has resulted in better sales for the brand. The Amaze and BRV have been adding numbers to the sales, but it hasn’t been like that of the WRV. There are multiple new products in the making and the new-gen hatch, compact sedan is also due. So, we expect this to happen sometime soon.

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Expected Honda cars at the 2018 Auto Expo 

2018 Honda Amaze

This is the first product that the Japanese automaker will try to get. It won’t just be a major product for the company for India but even for other markets like Thailand. The compact sedan has seen a slowdown in its growth, but it is still large enough. In the initial days, the brand did have a strong position until recently when it saw a decline in numbers. The competition has moved up the ladder and the current Amaze needs revival. This is the product that will help them to get to a number where they have never been. So, this should be priority number 1 for the company.

Honda Amaze 201602

Honda HR-V

We believe that the 2018 Auto Expo is likely to be showcased. This is another new SUV that should make it to India and even at the 2018 Auto Expo. Honda as a car brand has been highly successful and even in demand with its SUVs. The CR-V to begin with, then the WR-V and even the BRV did well. So, this is the company’s opportunity to meet the needs of those who don’t just need an SUV but something stylish too. The HRV will give more style and glam, while the BRV is for those who need practicality. So, the HRV is another product that is likely to make it into India. Honda should be manufacturing this in India if at all it comes here.

Honda HRV India

Honda Civic

Another sedan that is missed sorely by many enthusiasts. A stylish looking car that shall be making its way back into India. This time it will be the new generation and there will be a more powerful petrol engine and yes a diesel engine as well. The futuristic styling of the brand continues and the company will be offering the design, features quality and space. Again, the Civic shall be locally made, and it will be offered with manual and automatic transmissions.

New Honda Civic 2017 India

2018 Honda CR-V

The new-generation CR-V will be made in India mostly. If not completely then a high percentage of the SUV shall be localised. This time we are expecting Honda to even offer a 1.6-litre diesel engine also. This will enhance the complete experience of buyers and make it a good product to consider. The new-gen CR-V is even being considered as a seven-seater option. There have been reports on this and it seems there is likely going to be a more powerful petrol engine too, though it will be of about 2.0-litre displacement.

Honda CR-V

Honda Jazz facelift

The facelift version of the Jazz will be coming to India next year, but we aren’t sure if it will be showcased at the Auto Expo. Frankly speaking, no one showcases facelift unless there is nothing to display. Honda already has a lot of things to showcase, so many new products that shall have a good pull.

Honda Jazz 2018 front


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