Yamaha Fazer 250 front

Yamaha Fazer 250 will be the fully-faired version of the 250cc bike. The new Yamaha Fazer 250 will be coming with the same 250cc engine, which will have different tuning. At the moment there aren’t too many 250cc fully faired bikes in the market. There is only the Honda CBR 250R. Then there is the KTM Duke 250 and Benelli TNT 25, which aren’t faired bikes.

Yamaha is looking at attracting bikers looking at sports bikes as there isn’t any strong product in this segment. The Honda CBR 250R has become an old product and this will be a fresh offering. Looking at the response for the FZ25, Yamaha will be optimistic for the Fazer also. Even though it is a bit early to state everything, we can show how the bike will look. Clear images of the bike have been revealed and it does look handsome. This is an all new bike and Yamaha is looking at dominating this new segment with a new and strong entrant.

Yamaha Fazer 250 (Fazer 25) Launch Date

We expect this bike to come in by mid 2017. In the initial part of the year, the Japanese bike maker will be focusing on getting the new commuter bike and then it will be getting the Fazer 250 for the performance enthusiasts on a budget. There is still some time for the bike to come in. Yamaha will be even working on getting its new R15 as well into the Indian bike market sometime soon. This bike has been liked by any and has its own set of fan following too.

Yamaha Fazer 250

Yamaha Fazer 250 (Fazer 25) Price in India

VariantPrice (on-road)
Non ABS₹ 1.75 lakhs
ABS₹ 1.85 lakhs


This is will be one of the most important factors. The Fazer is a single-cylinder cylinder, hence it will be priced much lower than the R3 or the MT-03. So, the pricing of the Yamaha Fazer will be about 1.85 lakhs (on-road) approximately. The Fazer will be more economical in pricing than the others. The fully faired versions are generally a bit more expensive than the regular versions. As it gets fairing and also some additional changes too.

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Yamaha Fazer 250 (Fazer 25) Engine

A 250cc engine, single-cylinder air-cooled will be used for the Fazer 250 (Fazer 25). In terms of power it will have about 20bhp and 20.4Nm of peak torque. This engine will come mated to a five-speed transmission. As the bike will be launched post April 2017, it will come equipped with ABS as a standard feature. Now, this engine won’t be at par in performance with the R3 or the MT-03. However one important aspect of this bike will be its performance vis-a-vis mileage. This engine will have good enough torque to ride around in the city and even on the highway. This will be a good move by Yamaha as there are many buyers who are looking to upgrade from the current or R15 to something more powerful and all they have is the R3. Nothing else in between. For those having a budget of about INR 2 lakhs, have nothing to buy from the Yamaha portfolio. 

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Yamaha Fazer 250 (Fazer 25) Mileage

Driving conditionMileage

As this will be a single cylinder, we expect the bike to return about 40-45 km/l. This will be a mix of city and highway riding. This will be a BS-IV engine, so the efficiency will take some hit due to this. This will be a Yamaha Fazer 25 that will be making its way into India soon. 

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Yamaha Fazer 250 (Fazer 25) Design

Based on the Fazer design, the Yamaha Fazer 250 will carry forward the same styling. The new bike will have a flat handle bar and upright seating. This will make the bike comfortable and easy to ride. It will get daytime running LEDs and a single headlamp  unit. This is a naked bike and it will look stylish and aggressive. The fuel tank will have chiselled design and it will look slim. The new Yamaha bikes have been looking aggressively, especially the performance ones, and the Fazer isn’t any different. One can spot the Fazer 250 amongst the crowd if 200cc and 300cc bikes. The other Yamaha commuter bikes now look simple and subtle in styling. This is a fully faired bike. The Fazer 250 will be derived from the FZ25.

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Yamaha Fazer 250 Top Speed

The top speed of this new bike should be somewhere about 145km/hr. This is a single-cylinder engine and hence it will be not see a major increase in its top speed. The gears will be tall and hence it will be able to achieve about 145km/hr. The R15 is also equally quick, but then it does have a lot of high-tech when compared to other 150cc bikes and hence it also sees an increment in its price.

Yamaha Fazer 250 Suspension and Brakes

To begin with, there could be an option of ABS on the new 250cc bike. There will be a model that won’t have ABS. Yamaha is confident of the braking of the 250cc FZ and this will have similar brakes too. At the same time, the new Fazer 250 will have the same suspension set-up too. There will be an increase in weight due to the fairing and the suspension will be tuned for the same.

Yamaha Fazer 250 Features

  • Projector headlamps
  • Daytime running LEDs
  • Light weight chassis
  • Monoshock rear
  • Rear disc brake
  • Digital instrument cluster
  • Black alloy wheels
  • Sporty exhaust note
  • ABS – Expected on this version

Yamaha Fazer 250 (Fazer 25) Competition

This is a no brainer. The bike will compete with the KTM RC 200, Mahindra Mojo, upcoming BMW G310R and the Suzuki Gixxer 250. The Yamaha Fazer 250 will go up against several bikes if we do not consider fully-faired and naked versions. This bike shall be expensive when compared to the naked version and it will see a bump in its pricing too.

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