Maruti Swift RS seems to be one of the major performance hatchbacks that will be making its way into the Indian car market. The Swift RS will be making its way into the Indian car market, but this will take some time. The Baleno RS is already here. And the engine that will be used in the Baleeno RS will be the same. So, the Swift RS should also be manufactured in India and exported to other markets. This means, to introduce it in India, Maruti will not have to do anything extraordinary. There won’t much of investment either. It will be a win-win scenario for the company who has a booster-jet engine that is currently used in just one car, the Baleno RS. 

So now to begin with, what will the Maruti Swift RS have on offer? What features will it get? What shall be its pricing? We will answer all your questions in this story. Read ahead to know more about it.


Maruti Swift RS Price in India

Maruti Swift RSPrice(Ex-Showroom)
RS variantRs 9 lakhs

The new Maruti Swift RS should be priced at about INR 8.9 lakhs (on-road). This shall be the pricing of this new hatchback and it will be somewhere similar to what the diesel engine will be priced at. As both are turbo technologies, the price is higher than the regular petrol engine.

Maruti Swift RS Launch in India

The new Swift with the RS version should be launched by mid-2019. It won’t be anytime before that it will come into the market. So, yes there is still some time for it to come. The Swift it self is doing very well in India and was last months best selling car,

Maruti Swift RSLaunching in 2019

Maruti Swift RS Design

Based on the new Suzuki Heartect platform, the RS will share the same platform with the existing Swift. The sportier version shall be offering some different design elements to make it look different. To begin with, the Swift RS shall have black alloy wheels, there will be a rear spoiler, a front spoiler as well. Then what else does the Swift RS have as different? It will be the front grille and even there shall be side skirts. In this manner, the Swift RS will have several differentiating factors, which will make this hatchback more stylish than the conventional Swift.

Swift RS 2018

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Maruti Swift RS Interiors

On the inside, the new Swift RS will not see a major differentiator. At the most, there will be some new elements that will be introduced on the dashboard and maybe even on the seats. This will be majorly the differentiating factor. Else, the new Swift shall anyways be offering a lot of features like touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, reverse camera, keyless entry and the regular bit like push start and stop and even steering mounted audio controls.

In terms of space, there will be no difference either. The new Swift shall have better rear seat space than the current-gen and so will the RS. The boot will also see an increase in its size, thus making the upcoming generation a better option to consider. At the same time, the ride should be better and the car shall be wider.

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Maruti Swift RS Specifications

New Maruti Swift RS

The engine that will come shall be a 1.0-litre turbo petrol. This mill will churn about 100bhp of power and have a torque close to 160Nm. This engine will be coming with a five-speed manual transmission. The power of this engine is amazing and it shall be churning very high power. The drivability of this engine is just amazing and there is sufficient grunt to overtake in the city or even on an open highway. At the same time, the engine has a soothing exhaust grunt.

Maruti Swift RS Competition

The main competition of the Swift RS will be the Punto Abarth, Figo S, Polo GT. The Baleno RS is the same car underneath and will make the Maruti customer chose between a body style of the Swift and the Baleno. With this, the Baleno will also have a sibling in the RS line up for Maruti.



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