A while ago we had mentioned that Jawa will be making a comeback in India. This shall be with the Mahindra brand. The Indian utility manufacturer has got the rights for this brand in India and it will be manufacturing the bikes at its Pithampur plant. Well, it seems that the Jawa products are being reborn. The first of the lot is the 2017 Jawa 350.
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This does retain the 350cc engine, but it is now four-stroke. Now, before we get into any of the details, this bike has been designed for the European market. If it will come to India, all we can say is that it is too early to comment.

2017 Jawa 350 Design

2017 Jawa 350 side

Based on the same design, the 2017 Jawa 350 refreshes our memory with its retro styling. A very famous bike brand that was highly successful in the 1960s, it made its entry into India as Ideal Jawa.
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The bikes were locally made in Mysore, Karnataka for Indian buyers. In India it was later known as Yezdi. As there were labour issues and a two-stroke ban caused Jawa to shut its shop by 1996. Well, the same design is carried forward on the new bike. It looks stunning and just a refresh of a new classic bike.

2017 Jawa 350 Engine

2017 Jawa 350 engine

A new four-stroke engine is used on this bike now. The bike gets a single-cylinder air-cooled engine, which makes it an exciting package. This engine is surprisingly by a Chinese enigne maker Shineray and it has been derived from an old Honda engine. The Jawa 350 produces about 26bhp of power at 5250rpm and a maximum torque of 32Nm at 4750rpm. The gearbox is also a mere four-speed box. This could have been better, especially when we live in a six-speed gearbox world today. The bike can do about 120 km/hr.

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2017 Jawa 350 instrument

Whats more? This bike also gets ABS and has Euro-IV engine.
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This means it can be sold officially in Europe. European Union had banned all two-stroke engines from 1st of January 2017.

2017 Jawa 350 Specifications

Engine350cc single-cylinder
Dry Weight154kg
Fuel Tank17 litres
Front Wheel19-inch
Rear Wheel18-inch

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