History TV is hosting the new series of IRT (Ice Road Truckers) and this time its a complete Indian show. BharatBenz, our very own renowned truck maker has provided trucks for this trip. It is exciting to see how trucks can be made affordable without loosing out on the quality and features aspect. Leading a life as a trucker is difficult, unfortunately little attention is paid to the driver. What is more important for many is the timely delivery of goods at the lowest possible price. This is what even IRT does, the difference being these trucks are driven by celebrities.

The celebrities had to drive a BharatBenz MDT 1214R truck in the Himalayas and drive it to the highest motorable road in the world – Khardung La. There were other high mountain passes as well. These are one of the toughest roads in the world. One of the most important things here is the truck. Looking at most of the trucks that have been available throughout the years in India, it would have been impossible for the celebrities to make it to the top. BharatBenz trucks offer good power, comfort and other aspects that helped celebrities to drive and reach destinations on time.


For instance, it is very difficult for one to steer a truck. As the MDT 1214R comes with power steering, it makes it easy to drive. These roads have many hair pin bends, passing them with ease is comfortable just like a car. This also reduces driver effort, reducing fatigue and improving his/her ability to drive more. All the three celebrities be it Mandira or any of the guys, they comfortably drove on these roads. The radial tyres offer better grip and this helps in improving handling.


The spacious cabin adds on to the comfort level and most of the truckers were able to increase comfort with air-conditioning. Despite the carriage load and other add-on loads, the engine was able to move on without any kind of stress. Whats godo to see there were no break downs like the regular trucks. As the altitude increases, the oxygen reduces thus affecting the engine’s performance. This speaks a lot about the engine and the truck’s capability. All the celebrities spoke about how easily the truck started despite the cold weather and how the truck’s fog lamps helped for better visibility. This is another boon for the driver. This helps to cut down the time to reach the next destination.


BharatBenz is moving the nation faster. In today’s competitive world, it is necessary to be quick, affordable and reliable. That is what the BharatBenz trucks are doing. Watch all the videos here.

*This is an advertorial.