As per a recent report, the new Hyundai Creta will be a 7 seater. This new 7 Seater Hyundai Creta will be for the next-generation. The company’s most successful SUV is the Creta. With the Creta, Hyundai hasn’t been just successful in India but even in other parts of the world. Hyundai has been exporting the new Creta to other markets from India. This new SUV has been doing great numbers and it has further expanded the segment. So, what will the Creta have on offer? We share our detailed preview.

7 Seater Hyundai Creta Launch Date

The new Creta will be launched in 2021. The new Creta will be making its entry into India after 6 years. The current Creta isn’t still very fresh.

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7 Seater Hyundai Creta Engines

Too early to state, but Hyundai at the moment is using 1.4, 1.6 litre diesel engines. The petrol for the Creta is the 1.6 mill. Maybe a more powerful engine will be used for the new Creta. This will be due to the increase in weight. The new Creta will have manual and automatic transmissions both. Hyundai is anyways getting new engines as there are many new ones coming up. The 1.0-litre turbo petrol could be a good replacement for the 1.6-litre petrol. So, by 2021 Hyundai will have more turbo petrol engines on offer too.

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Hyundai Creta interior

7 Seater Hyundai Creta. Why?

This is because Indian consumers have been looking at seven seats. Even though most of the SUV users do not use it, it is still seen as a great add-on. This is what makes the new Creta a good SUV to consider. The 7 Seater Hyundai Creta will be made as this is what buyers are looking at. Honda got the formula right with 7 seats for the BR-V, however it doesn’t seem to have taken off well. The Creta has been excellent numbers and is currently one of the best selling SUVs in the country.

Source: Autocar India