Post the launch of the Navi, Honda is looking at getting even a bigger version of the Navi and this could be the Navi Go. Honda 2 Wheelers is looking at adding a lot more value to the two-wheeler segment with new formats and the Navi has created the buzz for them. Hence, the company is planning to get the 125cc version of the Navi and this will be even more fun to ride.

Honda won’t stop there with the Navi, it has already introduced it with a range of customisation optional accessories that can previewed on the Navi app itself. This is the first two-wheeler app where a person can see, customise and even book it. At the moment, the Navi isn’t available across the country but it will be soon made available.

Honda Navi Go Launch

The 125cc Navi will be more powerful and this means more fun for the riders. Expect the Navi Go to come in by late 2016.

Honda Navi Go Target Audience

Honda is targeting the younger age group with the Navi. Somewhere about 17-19 years, when the riding license is given. Mumbai was the first city where Navi deliveries had started. With the new Gujarat dealership Honda will be looking at enhancing its reach in the scooter/automatic bike market in India. The Japanese two-wheeler maker already dominates the segment.

Honda Navi Go Price

Honda Navi Go will be priced at INR 50,000 to INR 57,000 (on-road). The Navi Go will be about INR 3,000 to 5,000 more than the standard Navi. The Navi has been doing well for the Japanese bike maker and they will want to extend this with a bigger engine option too.

Honda Navi Go Engine

Honda’s more powerful version will get 125cc single-cylinder engine that will be producing about 9bhp of power and about 9Nm of torque. This will be coming with a CVT (automatic transmission). As the Navi is lighter than the Activa it is a lot more peppy and fun, the same will go for the 125cc version as well. Honda will not want to miss out on this opportunity.

Honda Navi Go Mileage

Mileage — 55km/l

Honda Navi Go Versions

Honda will be offering the Navi Go with a range of customisation options just like the Navi is. A buyer will have the option to add an array of accessories and there shall also be an option pick up variants that are pre-designed by Honda.

Honda Navi Go Colours

Honda will be offering five colour options on the Navi Go: Patriot Red, Shasta White, Hooper Green, Black and Sparky Orange.

Honda Navi Go Dimensions

Seat height765mm