The Supreme Court of India will have an entire day hearing on 30th April to understand if it should implement 30 percent green tax on diesel vehicles. 

Ray Minjares of International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) had addressed a large gathering talking  about how diesel exhaust emission can cause several health issues. Canada government’s “Human health risk assessment for diesel exhaust” report released this year has also been included in this. The report states diesel exhaust could cause lung cancer, adverse respiratory, cardiovascular and immunological impacts. The diesel engine exhaust gases are directly linked to bladder cancer, adverse reproductive and developmental effects and adverse central nervous system effects.

Fanta Kamakate, chief programme officer of ICCT, states that India is vulnerable to something similar to a VW-scam. The government should randomly select cars from the road and get them tested. s per Fanta, a test conducted by ARAI on one the 1.5-litre diesel engines found highly toxic gases.