Maruti Suzuki is not known for making sporty cars in India. However, globally, it does have products like the Swift Sport. The Swift Sport has long been rumoured for the Indian market. So similar rumours popped up at the launch of the new Swift. However, Maruti has bad news for all the enthusiasts as it doesn’t plan to bring the sporty version of Swift to India. Let’s talk about Maruti sportiest car. 

Swift Sport or RS

Sportiest Maruti car

Globally, the Suzuki had had the Swift Sport for a long time. The last-gen model was even spotted testing in India, which came with a 1.4-litre turbo engine and cosmetic changes. Apparently, it was bought for component testing by a third party. In some markets, the Swift comes with a 1.0-litre booster jet same as the Fronx and is called the RS variant. 


There are various reasons why Maruti doesn’t plan to give the Swift a sporty variant. One of the biggest reasons is the costs involved. Even with the localised 1.0-litre booster jet engine, Maruti will need to spend a lot on production, R&D, marketing, etc. The brand feels so much investment will not be worth it for a niche audience of buyers. Also, Maruti doesn’t feel the Swift needs the extra boost as it is already known as a sporty car. The debacle of Baleno RS is another reason why Maruti is not willing to try out such niche products. 

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Sportiest Maruti car – Could it happen?

Sportiest Maruti car

Suzuki has yet to launch the new-generation Suzuki Sport globally. There is no clarity on when it will be launched globally, but it’s highly unlikely that Suzuki will drop the Sport nameplate. One option Maruti could try is to bring the new Swift Sport a CBU import. It could utilise the Indian government’s policy that allows the import of up to 2,500 units without the need for homologation. Still, even the CBU route is highly unlikely due to the marketing and training investment required. So for now seeing the sporty version of Swift in India remains a distant dream.


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