Royal Enfield has been developing a new 650cc engine for the next new product for 2017. This will be a new platform that the company is developing for exports. At the moment, Royal Enfield doesn’t have a product that can comfortably cruise on American freeways and the company is looking at becoming the largest bike maker betters 250cc to 750cc. The new 650cc engine will have a long stroke engine and it will be fuel-injection as well. Royal Enfield is looking at expanding itself into a global bike maker. Siddhartha Lal has already moved his base to UK where the new satellite centre has been developed. This is where all the new vehicles will be developed in the future.

The 650cc engine is a twin-cylinder engine that will be used for a new-generation platform too. The new platform will be used to be built all new generation products of the existing ones like Bullet, Classic and even Thunderbird. The Classic has been losing ground and hence the company is working towards making a fresh product. The company is looking at building a strong product for the developed markets as they will help to increase the company’s profits and at the same time even increase volumes. The Royal Enfield brand has been growing strongly since it has been taken over by Eicher Motors.

The RE Himalayan will be exported to other markets with a 410cc fuel-injection and six-speed transmission. This version is a lot more powerful than the existing Himalayan. There are even rumours that the company is working on a 1250cc engine as well. This will also be a twin-cylinder engine and it won’t be launched before 2018. The existing 350cc and 500cc engine powered bikes will get a new platform and the new 410cc and 650cc engines will replace them for better power. The production will continue in the Tamil Nadu itself.


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