TVS is working on introducing a new hybrid scooter in the next one year’s time. This new hybrid scooter’s sketch has been leaked. The new TVS Hybrid scooter will have an electric motor and a petrol engine. This electric motor will be locate underneath the engine as it is shown in this image. This new scooter is likely to be launched in December 2017. 

TVS had showcased the Qube, which was the company’s concept version of electric scooters at the 2012 Auto Expo. The TVS Hybrid is powered by 100cc petrol engine and an electric motor as well. The hybrid system has lithium ion batteries that will be located underneath the footrest on the scooter. This will be the first hybrid scooter for the India market. We hope the government is kind enough to surpass the GST bit from hybrid two-wheelers as this will enhance mobility in the country.

TVS Qube
TVS Qube at the 2012 Auto Expo hybrid scooter

The scooter will still have storage space for a helmet and TVS has been working for this scooter for a while. The company will be targeting urban buyers and at the same time now the hybrid technology does get an advantage of subsidy too. This scooter will come with hybrid economy and hybrid power modes as well. The TVS Hybrid scooter will be launched in India and we could expect TVS to even export this scooter to other developed markets as well. The TVS brand is at the moment working towards getting the Akula 310 for the Indian car market. There will even a TVS hybrid scooter that will be launched sometime soon. There have been multiple reports on the launch, and TVS seems to have shared this data in its shareholder meeting in August.


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