ADAS, one of the most advanced safety features found in many modern cars. The technology aids the safety by alerts and some autonomous inputs. In India, we may not use all the ADAS features, thanks to the traffic we have on our roads. However, we feel that some of them are really helpful for most road conditions. Which are they? Let’s find out.
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Safety Features – Blind Spot Detection

Safety Features - Blind Spot Detection

Now let’s say you are driving in a city or out on a highway, and you decide to overtake a vehicle. Of course you will check the ORVMs to assure no ones behind you and safely overtake the car. However, there are chances of a bike or a car present which could be out of your mirror’s sight. Changing lanes in such conditions could end up crashing the other vehicle. That’s when the blind spot detection comes into play. The sensor detects if there’s any vehicle in your blind spot and sends you an alert by which a collision can be avoided.

Lane Keep Assist

lane keep assist

Lane keep assist, one of the most helpful features while cruising on a highway. So what exactly does the lane keep assist do? Suppose you are a newly learned driver or a city driver who has not driven much on the highway, lane keep assist can be a great assistance for you to maintain your car at the centre of your lane. The camera detects the lanes and displays the same on your instrument cluster. If you happen to leave your particular lane, the sensor will steer your back into the lane.

Safety Features – Forward Collision Assist

Safety Features - Forward Collision Assist

A helpful feature, again for a new learner and for a less attentive driver. Forward collision warning can be very useful while driving around in city traffic conditions. Talking about the function of this feature, the sensors detect any type of vehicles including cyclists and pedestrians and apply brakes for you. The feature may not help to stop the vehicle if you are over speeding. However, in most of the slow speed conditions the car will stop and prevent any type of collision.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Rear Cross Traffic Alert, your personal guidance to guide you while reversing your car in any situation. Generally, the rear parking sensors alert you to avoid collisions which are exactly behind the vehicle. The rear cross traffic alert however, detects if there’s anyone approaching you while reversing the car. Again, it might be a pedestrian, a cyclist, or any vehicle. The sensors will alert you to apply brakes well before the obstacle tries to cross you while in reverse.

Safety Features – Adaptive Cruise Control

Safety Features - Adaptive Cruise Control

Lastly, we have the adaptive cruise control feature. Now unlike the other features that are safety oriented features, adaptive cruise control enhances the driving experience on the highway. We all know how the simple cruise control function works wherein the car maintains the particular speed. The adaptive cruise control not only maintains the speed but also slows down if the car ahead of you slows down. Many cars also get a stop and go feature wherein your car will completely come to a halt if the car in front of you applies brakes. Also, your car will start picking up the pace as soon as the car ahead of you starts moving. 

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