India’s love for speed is undeniable. From fast cars to driving in the fast lane, we often push the limit of speed. But this thrill comes at a cost of recording the highest road accidents. According to a government report, India witness over 5 lakh accidents in 2022 that claimed nearly 1.68 lakh lives – an all-time high. While various factors contribute to this terrible statistic, over speeding remains a major factors. And with the recently introduced expressways and highways, this number is set to reach a new high, if effective changes are not put in place.

So, then what is the solution? Well, there is no right answer, given India’s road condition and driver behaviour. A fundamental change needs to be brought around in the way we drive. But in the interim, we believe there is a simple yet effective solution that automakers should offer as standard on all models to make driving on highways safer. Read along to know more.
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Cruise Control and ADAS: Not the Solutions

Speed limiter feature

Many experts have suggested cruise control and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) as the solution. While cruise control is effective on long stretches, the function becomes liability on unpredictable Indian roads. As for ADAS, it is a work in progress and relies heavily on well-marked lanes and clear road signages to work effectively.

Additionally, they fail to address the core issue of over speeding as the minimum speed to activate these systems is often higher than the safe limit set for urban areas.

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Speed Limiter: The Solution

A common feature found on cars internationally, the speed limiter has been skipped on Indian cars for some time now. Unlike governors found on commercial vehicles, speed limiter is an electronic maximum speed limit that a driver sets to safely operate within. This simple yet powerful tool forces drivers to be more mindful of their speed, promoting safer driving habits. Additional benefits of the speed limiter include:

  • Increased fuel efficiency: Theoretically, lower speeds and consistent driving result in better fuel economy, saving drivers money and reducing environmental impact
  • Inexpensive: Unlike ADAS which requires a set of high resolution cameras and expensive radars, speed limiter works with already existing equipment making cars inexpensive despite the new addition
  • Better Control: Speed limiters eliminate the temptation to push the limits, offering a sense of control and reducing stress for drivers

The process to make speed limiters mainstream involves a multi-directional approach. First step in this process is to convince the government into mandating the inclusion of speed limiter in every new car and not just limit it to premium models. Secondly bust the myths and raise awareness about this essential feature.

So, what do you think about speed limiters? We believe they are more useful than cruise control and represent a significant step towards fostering a safer environment on road.

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