Used cars are a great option for people on a budget and also for people who want to experience something new and don’t want to spend much. Though used cars do a lot of value, if not done correctly this experience can quickly turn into a nightmare. In today’s article, we state things you need to check while buying used cars.
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Thoroughly check the exterior & interior

Buying used cars

Carefully inspect the exterior of the car for dents, scratches etc. On used cars minor scratches and dents are ok, but look out for any major damage. Try also to look at the colour and see if its coating is constant all over the car. Another thing to note is if any is rusting on any parts. In the interiors check for visible damages like scratches & scuffing. 

Check the service record

Buying used cars

With everything digitalised, you can get the entire history of the said car in one click. A look at the service record will give you all the essential details about the vehicle. It would give you an idea of how the car has been maintained and if it had any incidents that the owner hasn’t disclosed to you. Another good way to know about the car’s history is to look at the tyres. A well-maintained car will most likely come with good tyres. If you see any discrepancy in the tyres, it could be a big red flag on how the car has been treated.  

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Buying used cars – Try to test-drive it

Buying used cars

 Though visual inspection is good, you can’t get the full picture without driving the car. Even a simple thing like how it starts can tell you a lot about the car. While driving, listen to unwanted sounds and noises. During shifts check the smoothness and stiffness of the clutch. 

Take someone experienced with you

Though you must have done your evaluation, it is better to take a known skilled mechanic with you while inspecting. This will give you a different perspective on things helping you to make a more informed decision. Once you are sure, don’t straight away buy the car. Try to bargain, as prices in the second-hand market can be highly inflated.

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Buying used cars – Things to do after buying

Buying used cars

Once you buy the car, try to acquire the duplicate keys from the earlier owner. You wouldn’t want someone else to have the duplicate key. Next up, transfer your name on all the papers to avoid any legal issues in the future. Additionally, it is also beneficial if you do a thorough servicing of the car after the purchase for your peace of mind.

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