New Maruti Swift 2017, should you wait for it? ALL DETAILS!

Before we begin with anything, we will like to notify you that this story has all the details you need on the new Maruti Swift 2017 or the Swift 2018 as you might want to call it. Also, the fact that this will be updated regularly and you will not have to go to any other website for any more information about the new Swift, we shall not just tell you what the new Swift will have on offer, but even do a detailed comparison with other models and even tell you, which should be your ideal pick. So, let us begin with the all the details.

What is the New Swift all about?

This is an all-new Swift, and it isn’t a facelift version. So, it will have a new platform, the dimensions shall differ and even the space on offer will change.

So, what is this new platform and how is it better?

Well to begin with, this is the Heartect platform. It is already used on the new Baleno and the new DZire. This is a light weight platform and it will reduce the weight of the Swift by at least 100 kilograms. This will mean the engines will have better performance and even better mileage too. The new Swift shall see an increase in its space and even the width. The new hatchback will be shorter and have a wider profile. This will make it look bigger than before. There isn’t any change in the length.

What will be different in the new Maruti Swift?

There will be a range of new features on offer. To begin with, there shall be projector headlamps with daytime running LEDs, tail LEDs, touchscreen system with reverse camera, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, maps, rear AC vents, rear 12V charging socket. Of course more knee room for the rear passengers as well.

New Maruti Swift 2017 Launch Date

2017 Maruti SwiftDates

February 2018


April 2018

The new Swift 2017 will be coming by early 2018. This new hatchback will be unveiled at the 2018 Auto Expo. The launch will happen immediately after the Expo. Sometime about March-April 2018. Maruti is looking at getting this new hatchback soon, but it has a production crunch at the moment. There is a huge waiting on many of its new cars and that has resulted into this. Once the production increases in the company’s Gujarat plant, we can see an increase in their sales numbers.

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New Maruti Swift 2017 Price in India

VariantsPrice (on-road)
Maruti Swift 2017 LXiINR  5.4 lakhs
Maruti Swift 2017 VXiINR 6.10 lakhs
Maruti Swift 2017 VXi AMTINR 6.8 lakhs
Maruti Swift 2017 ZXiINR 7.2 lakhs
Maruti Swift 2017 ZXi AMTINR 7.9 lakhs
Maruti Swift 2017 LDiINR 6.7 lakhs
Maruti Swift 2017 VDiINR 7.45 lakhs
Maruti Swift 2017 VDi AMTINR 7.9 lakhs
Maruti Swift 2017 ZDiINR 8.5 lakhs
Maruti Swift 2017 ZDi AMTINR 9.1 lakhs


In terms of pricing, there won’t be a major change. The increase will be minimal as there will be more features even on the base variant. To begin with, dual airbags and ABS will be offered as a standard feature. Apart from this, the new Swift 2017 will even get more better quality materials too. Still, they cannot go higher than the DZire, it will be cheaper. The new DZire didn’t really get a major hike in its pricing.

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Maruti Swift 2017 Specifications

Maruti Swift Specifications
Engine 11.2-litre Petrol
Transmission5-speed manual / AMT
Engine 21.2-litre diesel
Transmission5-Speed manual


The same set of engines will be offer. The 1.2-litre K-Series is already doing good enough performance and the diesel also has more than sufficient grunt too. So, Maruti Swift 2017 will have the same set of engines on offer. In fact, Maruti will continue offering the same engine as the body weight has seen a reduction. So the performance is much better and even the driving dynamics (handling) will also see an improvement too.

New Maruti Swift 2017 Dimensions

DimensionsNew Swift 2017Current Swift
Fuel Tank37 litres42 litres


There isn’t any change much in the dimensions of the new Swift, but what shall change in the inside car space. The new Maruti Swift 2017 will get all more interior space and this will make it a very good option to consider as well. At the moment buyers are happy with the current dimensions, what has been needing an update in majorly interior space only. This has been addressed on the new Swift.

New Maruti Suzuki Swift 2017 Design

The new Maruti Swift 2017 is about 100 kilograms lighter than the outgoing version. This is the Heartect platform, which is lighter and yet stronger. The wheelbase will see an increase of 20mm. But other than this, nothing has changed a lot. The new Swift looks sharper. It has a more appealing design and this makes it a lot more appealing too. There is a new large front grille and the headlamps are sleek. The top variant Z+ will get projector headlamps and even daytime running LEDs as well.

The side profile is not much different from how the regular Swift looks. The B-pillar is black and the sloping roof concept is carried forward too. The rear door handle is near the window and this makes it look funky. The rear is all new. The tail lamp design has changed and the rear has similarity to some other cars also. The blacked rear pillar has a different design. There is also a rear spoiler as well. From the back, the new Swift does look a lot different.

New Maruti Swift 2017 rear

There are now 15-inch alloy wheels on offer and these are machine finish. The lower variants shall come with 14-inch steel wheels. There are some radical changes in the design and this will be appreciated by many looking at getting this hatchback. The new Maruti Swift 2017 will change the design appeal of the car.

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Maruti Swift 2017 Interiors

New Maruti Swift 2017 interiors have been designed from scratch. A new variant has been added to the list and that is the Z+. The cabin is all black as the Swift has always been a sporty car. Other than this, the biggest advantage of the new Swift 2017 is its space. There has been an increase in its rear seat space of the Swift. The rear seat sees an increase in its knee room and even the boot is bigger on the new-generation. This is one of the key issues that have been addressed.

The new Z+ variant is offering a new more new features. This includes touchscreen infotainment system, reverse camera, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, navigation and maybe even rear AC vents. We expect Maruti to add this Swift also as it is already offering it on the DZire. The cabin quality feels premium and the design is all new. There will be dual airbags and ABS, and this will be offered as a standard feature.

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New Maruti Swift 2017 Features List

Following are the likely features that will be offered on the new Swift 2017:


The base model also now offers some goodies, which weren’t earlier offered on the Swift. This variant now comes with air conditioner with heater, 12V socket, power steering and even pollen filter.

Of course there are more features on this trim. There is a keyless entry (remote operated), 12V rear charging socket, all four power windows, central locking, electromagnetic boot opening, electrically adjustable mirrors, driver side, auto down window, height adjustment for driver’s seat and luggage room lamp also. We also believe that this time the Swift will even get rear AC vents also. There shall be a 2-DIN music system on offer and this will come with four speakers. There will be USB, aux input and bluetooth connectivity as well.
The Z variant on the new Maruti Swift 2017 will have additional features like engine push start and stop, smart key for keyless entry and automatic climate control. Then there shall be electrically folding mirrors and driver’s side window auto up and down.

The Z+ variant also gets features like automatic headlamps, touchscreen infotainment system, Follow me home. These are the additional features on Z+ variants. The infotainment system will have reverse camera, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, navigation and even bluetooth connectivity.

New Maruti Swift 2017 interior

New Maruti Swift 2017 Engine

The engines that will be offered on the Maruti Swift 2017 will be the same 1.2-litre petrol engine that will churn about 84bhp of power and the diesel will be the new 1.2-litre mill. This engine has been designed by Suzuki and is their first set of in-house designed and developed diesel engines. The body weight will be lesser, the Maruti Swift 2017 will have even better performance. In fact it will have better performance than most of its competition. This will be achieved without loosing out on the mileage aspect. The Maruti Swift 2017 will have better performance and mileage too.

New Maruti Swift 2017

The new Maruti Swift 2017 will have better performance and even better mileage too. The new hatchback is lighter and this will make it more efficient also. At the same time, the new Swift will have manual and AMT both on offer as well. The petrol engine has better performance and is quieter too. At the same time, in AMT the petrol version will have smoother shifts than the diesel as the latter has turbo kicking in on downshifts. 

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New Maruti Swift 2017 Mileage

City14 km/l18 km/l
Highway19 km/l23 km/l
ARAI (Expected)23 km/l28 km/l

The new Maruti Swift 2017 will be highly efficient. The petrol engine has an efficiency of about 14km/l in the city and about 19km/l on the highway. At the same time, the ARAI claimed mileage should be 23 km/l. The diesel engine should have an efficiency of 18 km/l in the city and close to 23km/l.


New Maruti Swift 2017 Features


  • Projector headlamps
  • Daytime running LEDs
  • 15-inch alloy wheels
  • Integrated rear spoiler


  • Push start and stop
  • Keyless entry
  • Touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • Reverse Camera
  • Climate Control
  • Steering mounted controls
  • Reverse camera
  • Navigation


  • Dual airbags
  • ABS
  • Immobiliser
  • Reverse sensors


New Maruti Swift 2017 Competition

2017 Suzuki Swift

The competition will have to tighten the strings in the coming months. This is because the Maruti Swift 2017 will not just be feature loaded, but even aggressively priced. The direct competition is with the Hyundai Grand i10, Ford Figo, VW Polo, Fiat Punto Evo and the Honda Brio. The Hyundai Grand i10 Prime is on its way, this will be the facelift version of the hatchback.

Maruti Swift 2017 vs Maruti Baleno

This is the most common comparison everyone does. The Baleno will be the closest rival to the Swift, as there is a good amount of price overlap in the two. Both of them are excellent products, but the question that will arise is if we need more space? The answer isn’t very complicated. To begin with the Swift, it has good enough space in it, but the Baleno shall be more spacious and even has a bigger boot. So in all reality, the new Swift 2017 is a perfect choice, unless there are all tall people travelling. Swift and Baleno both are winners and it is very difficult to choice one of the two. It clearly boils down to what you like.

Maruti Swift 2017 vs Hyundai Grand i10

The Hyundai Grand i10 is another direct rival to the Swift. Both of them are exciting products but the Swift will be new. The advantage of the Swift shall be its width, which will make it easier for three people to sit in comfort. This is a close battle otherwise. Where the Grand i10 leads is lower engine noise in diesel and mostly the Grand i10 should be affordable. The Swift will have new features and it will have good enough performance. In terms of which one should you pick, both are close in terms of ownership experience and cost.

Maruti Swift 2017 vs Ford Figo

The Ford Figo is another strong competing product with the Swift, but it gets outshined by the Swift in multiple departments, especially the petrol engine. The performance is better on the Swift and there is more space and features on offer too. The Figo diesel is a powerful option and it does outshine the Swift in performance. The overall ride and handling of the Figo is amazing, but the Swift isn’t anyway behind it. The Swift is certainly a stronger all-round product than the Figo in most of the aspects.

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New Maruti Swift 2017
  • Design Preview
  • Features Preview
  • Engine Preview
  • Price Preview


New Maruti Swift 2017 is an all new car, based on a new light platform and this will be better in performance and mileage. More features will also be on offer as well.

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