When we talk about features, we usually think about features like ventilated seats, automatic climate control, or even a sunroof. However, we often miss out on one of the most underrated car features, the Air Purifier. It is indeed an important feature that many car brands are offering. But a recent Delhi trip made us realise the importance of an in-built air purifier in a car. The AQI was around 1000 but our air purifier equipped car got it down by considerable margin, increasing our trust in the feature. With the ever increasing pollution levels in most cities, we have tried to compile a list of 5 cars with in-built Air Purifier, priced under Rs 20 lakh, which ones are they? Read along.

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Cars with in-built Air Purifier – Tata Altroz 

Cars with in-built Air Purifier - Tata altroz

The most affordable car to offer an in-built air purifier system is the Tata Altroz. The feature is offered from the XZ+ (O) (S) variants for CNG and Petrol DCT variants. The XZ+ (O) (S) iCNG variant is priced at Rs 12.16 lakh (on-road, Mumbai) whereas the XZ+ (O) (S) petrol DCT is priced at Rs 12.59 lakh (on-road, Mumbai). Tata Altroz is a feature rich premium hatchback that offers exclusive features like sunroof, premium sound system, connected car technology, and a few more. However, an integrated air purifier could be a boon to tackle the air pollution to some extent.

Kia Sonet

Kia Sonet

Entering the segment of compact SUVs, we have the Kia Sonet to offer an in-built air purifier. Talking about the variants, the Sonet is offering the feature from the Htk Plus variant. The Htk Plus, 1.0-litre turbo petrol iMT and the Htk Plus 1.5 diesel iMT are the initial variants to offer air purifier. The Htk Plus petrol is priced at Rs 12.37 lakh (on-road, Mumbai) and the diesel version of Htk Plus variant is priced at Rs 13.72 lakh (on-road, Mumbai). Also, the Sonet will soon receive a facelift and we may see Kia offer the air purifier on other lower variants as well.

Cars with in-built Air Purifier – Tata Nexon 

Cars with in-built Air Purifier - Tata Nexon

Next, we have the recently launched Tata Nexon facelift. The Nexon is the best selling SUV for the brand and to improve it further, Tata gave the Nexon a comprehensive facelift. The facelift added a lot of new features on the Nexon, but it had got an air purifier in the pre-facelift model itself. Now, the feature is available on the top of the line Fearless trim of the Nexon. Talking about the pricing, Tata Nexon Fearless variant starts from Rs 15.44 lakh (on-road, Mumbai). 

Hyundai Venue 

Hyundai venue

Another compact SUV to offer an in-built air purifier is the Hyundai Venue. As we all know, Hyundai is known for offering exclusive features and the air purifier is one of them. In fact, it was Hyundai that first introduced an air purifier in the affordable range of cars. Talking about the Venue, the feature is offered from SX (O), 1.0-litre turbo petrol DCT variant onwards. The said variant is priced at Rs 15.65 lakh (on-road, Mumbai). Also, Hyundai Venue is the only compact SUV to offer advanced tech like ADAS. But looking at the pollution, an integrated Air Purifier also stands as an equally important car feature.  

Cars with in-built Air Purifier – Hyundai Verna

Cars with in-built Air Purifier - Hyundai Verna

To end up the list of cars with in-built air purifiers under Rs 20 lakh is the Hyundai Verna. The Verna received a generational upgrade early this year which has also brought a list of new features. Among all, one of the important features is the integrated air purifier. It is offered from the SX (O) variant onwards and is priced at Rs 17.33 lakh (on-road, Mumbai). Hyundai Verna is the most feature rich sedan in its segment and Hyundai has done their best by offering advanced features and technology.

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