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New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 Review

toyota innova crysta motion 1
toyota innova crysta motion 1

From being a favourite MUV to becoming a favorite premium MUV, the Innova brand has evolved. The New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 has soon become a favourite MUV for buyers. Toyota has once again tasted success with the Innova brand. A hybrid version will be making its way into India this year. This will the first hybrid MUV in India. The hybrid Innova Crysta will be a big achievement for Toyota in India. Now, it seems that Toyota will be getting the more fuel-efficient version of the MUV to make it an even better deal. We review the New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 and find out whether it is worth your money. Read further to know more.

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New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 Exterior

toyota innova crysta front

The New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 is bigger in size than the earlier Innova. It is also slightly taller. The front grille is aggressively styled. It gets large headlamps and a trendy looking glossy black lower grille. From the side, it does look like a proper MUV. The glass area is smaller on the New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 and this makes it look aggressive. The shoulder line has a rising pattern. This makes it look sharp. The rear gets an all new styling and is similar to the Land Cruiser. The tail lamps now have a new shape that makes it looks appealing and somewhat away from the dull and boring MUV styling. The Innova Crysta styling is heavily inspired from an SUV.

toyota innova crysta rear

New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 Interiors

Toyota Innova Crysta interior 1

The New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 gets all new. The interiors feel plush and premium. The earlier Innova interiors were dull in comparison. The well bolstered leather seats feel rich. They are comfortable too. The black dash board looks upmarket. The steering wheel is large and chunky to hold. Toyota is looking at utilising this for its new range of products.

Toyota Innova Crysta third row seats

The New Innova Crysta 2017 is loaded with features. It gets keyless entry, push start and stop, touchscreen infotainment system with navigation and reverse parking camera. The New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 even has leather seats (on the top trim), rear AC vents and multiple airbags. In terms of space, the New Innova Crysta 2017 is longer for better comfortable. The front row seats are large and comfortable. More focus has been implemented on the second and third row seats as well. This makes the New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 a good option to consider for those who are chauffeur driven. There is more than enough head room and knee room in the second row and even third row has decent enough space.

Toyota Innova Crysta second row seats

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New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 Engine

New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 is fitted with a 2.4-litre diesel engine. At about 145bhp, this engine has more power. The NVH levels are fairly low. The performance of this engine is good. There is more than sufficient power available on tap. It has a powerful engine, with good performance. Driving is easy as one doesn’t needs to shift gears too often even while driving in city. This makes the New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 very usable and easy even for city driving.

toyota innova crysta engine

There is also an automatic version available, which comes with a more powerful engine.  This is a 2.8-litre diesel engine that churns out 177bhp of power. This engine has excellent performance making it a good option to consider. The petrol will be a pick for those who do not travel much and need the best MUV. There is no 4X4 in this vehicle.

toyota innova crysta motion 2

New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 Ride and Handling

The New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 is a premium vehicle even in the way it runs. Though, the New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 uses a ladder on frame construction, the ride quality is very composed. It has minimal pitch and roll. This makes it comfortable for long distances. The new chassis is more rigid and even heavier than the earlier Innova. Body roll is very well controlled and it a big step up from the earlier model.

Toyota Innova Crysta instrument cluster

Ride can feel a bit harsh at times, though, on bad surfaces. One thing that can be noticed instantly while driving is the heavy steering wheel. While at high speeds its perfect, it stays heavy even at parking speeds, which is a little bothersome, if you drive yourself. The brakes are excellent and the vehicle holds its line during emergency braking.

New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 Mileage

New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 Mileage

2.7 Petrol 9 km/l
2.4 MT 12km/l
2.8 AT 10km/l

toyota innova crysta side

New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 Colours

The New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 comes in 7 colour options. These are Super White, Alumina Jade, Attitude Black, Avant Grande Bronze, Silver Metallic and Dark Gray Mica Metallic. The colours available are majorly metallic. White, gray and silver will be the highest selling colours in the Indian market.

toyoya innova crysta automatic badge

New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 Price in India

New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 Price

Model Price (on-road, New Delhi)
G MT 2.4 INR 15.3 lakhs
GX MT 2.4 INR 16.5 lakhs
VX MT 2.4 INR 19.3 lakhs
ZX MT 2.4 INR 21.5 lakhs
GX AT 2.8 INR 18.5 lakhs
ZX AT 2.8 INR 22.3 lakhs

The petrol version of the New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 will be launched soon. The company is looking at introducing the new petrol engine on this MUV soon. This will continue to be the 2.7-litre petrol engine. The Japanese automaker is looking at getting buyers who need MUV with petrol engine as well. The previous Innova also offered a petrol engine, but it was on orders only.

New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 Variants

Toyota Innova Crysta 2016 Variants

G (7/8 Seater) MT
GX (7/8 Seater) AT/MT, Petrol
VX (7/8 Seater) MT, Petrol
ZX (7/8 Seater) AT/MT Petrol

Toyota will add more variants to this MUV. At the moment, it is offering variants that are majorly attractive for private car buyers. The New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 will not get into the fleet segment, just yet.

toyota innova crysta automatic gear

New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 Specifications

New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 Specifications

Engine 2393cc
Power 148 bhp
Torque 343 Nm
Transmission 5-speed manual
Bigger Engine 2755cc
Power 172 bhp
Torque 360 Nm
Transmission 6-speed auto


New Toyota Innova Crysta
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December 21, 2016

I have never praised Bajaj for anything but now this is the time to really appreciate this fantastic machine. I don’t think there is anything left to compare. Dominar is easily the best machine among the above listed bike, hell it is even cheaper than Duke 200. Kudos to Bajaj

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