You read it correctly – Toyota is working on an all new SUV and this will compete with the Tata Harrier, MG Hector and Mahindra XUV700. On MotorOctane – we believe in getting you the complete story, so read further to know everything – so you do not miss out on this information, this is a BIG news that has come in from the Japanese automaker. What is this SUV? To clarify – this isn’t any of those re-badged Maruti vehicles, this will be a grounds up Toyota – like the Innova and Fortuner. Toyota is building an SUV that will be somewhere higher than the Hyryder in its pricing, however it will be lower than the current Innova Hycross. So, the average pricing that Toyota will be looking should be in the range of Rs 25 lakh to about Rs 30 lakh for this SUV, which is the new Tata Harrier territory. 

Adding some more details on how did this happen? 

Rs 25 lakh Toyota SUV

After the Toyota and Maruti tie-up of building cars for each other, Toyota’s 2/3rd plant capacity of both its car manufacturing plants in India are used by these products. So, even products like Etios family and even Corolla couldn’t have that impact. To meet the needs – Toyota has added one more shift to these plants for increase in production capacity. As Toyota has run out of production capacity in its current plant – it will need to build more production facilities too. 

The third Toyota plant in India – will have this SUV as the main hero vehicle that will be manufactured and sold for the Indian audience. We are expecting – there are high chances that a similar product will be given to Maruti also. However, this time like the Hycross – it will be a Toyota product. 

Why are we happy? This will be the Toyota SUV we all have been waiting for – as at the moment – of the 4 new launches at Toyota – 3 are re-badged Marutis and only one Toyota vehicle was the Innova Hycross. With this new SUV coming in – we are expecting Toyota to take the India market more seriously and develop a lot more products for India as well.

What Features will this SUV get? The list of features will be long – there shall be panoramic sunroof, 360 deg camera, ventilated seats, electronic parking brake, ADAS, rear AC vents, Type C chargers, wireless charging for smartphones, Heads-Up Display, LEDs for interior lighting, headlamps and even tail lamps. In short, all the features that are made available on the Hyryder and the Innova Hycross will be a minimum on offer for this new SUV. Toyota will not want to leave any stone unturned.

Rs 25 lakh Toyota SUV – Engine Options:

A bit too early to predict – however – it should come with a 1.5-litre hybrid engine and there is a chance we could even see the 2.0-litre petrol also being offered on this SUV, which will be shared with the Innova Hycross. As Maruti doesn’t have any bigger engines, we do not expect it to get any Maruti engines – unless the 1.4-litre turbo petrol engines are localised. So, the goal will be to provide between 120-170bhp of power – whether it will be non-turbo petrol engines or turbo along with hybrids – only time can confirm.

Launch Date

Rs 25 lakh Toyota SUV

Now here is the bad news! We like everything but waiting. Especially in these times – when everything is delivered to our doorstep. Toyota will be able to roll out this new SUV – only when the 3rd plant is ready and this does take a good 2-3 years for it. So, we are expecting this new Toyota SUV to hit the roads – not before the end of 2025 – which is also extremely optimistic. The Harrier has already gotten its update and you could have completed one car purchase cycle too. This is a bit too far fetched – however I will recommend you to check out the newly unveiled Harrier.

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