Mahindra has already revealed the plans with their born electric cars. They have already showcased the prototypes of 6 EVs including the Thar.ev, along with the INGLO platform on which these EVs will be based upon. Also, we already know that these EVs will be powered by the APP550 electric motor of the VW group. However, according to a recent source the power figures of the APP550 electric motor are revealed. In today’s article, let’s talk about Mahindra born EV powertrain details.

APP550 Electric Motor to be used in Mahindra’s born EV

Mahindra Born EV

German car manufacturing giant VW announced its next-gen electric drive unit for the rear axle, dubbed as APP550. This new electric motor is capable to produce 282bhp and 550Nm of max torque. It is significantly more powerful than the older gen motors that were capable of producing max power of 198bhp and 310Nm of max torque. VW has used their advanced technology to develop this powertrain.   

Well it is said that Mahindra has now adapted the APP550 motor to its INGLO platform. The APP550 motors of the VW group will eventually the entire range of BE EVs of Mahindra, including the recently unveiled the Thar.e. The first Mahindra to use the APP550 motor will be the BE.05 which is said to be launched in 2025.

With the tie up the VW group will share the components from its MEB platform with Mahindra and it could be an advantage for Mahindra. It is obvious as the tie-up with VW will give Mahindra access to the latest technology from the global EV giant. Also, the rear wheel drive APP550 motor will make its global debut in the production version of VW ID.7, which is said to be launched by the end of this year.

Mahindra born EV Localisation

VW would use the APP550 motor in their future EVs for VW and Skoda in India. And if the combined volume of VW and Mahindra electric cars is good, VW might also think about localising the production of APP550 motor in India. That said the tie-up will give Mahindra a big competitive advantage as it will be the sole customer for VW’s APP550 motor in India. This new gen electric motor also promises class-leading performance and efficiency.


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