Toyota has been spearheading the development of hybrid technology. It has time and again stated that hybrids are the way forward. Along these lines, Toyota has now revealed a diesel hybrid setup. This setup is expected to debut on the new Fortuner in the Indian market. So how is it? In today’s article, let’s talk about the new Fortuner hybrid – this is a diesel engine and electric motor setup. 

Mild hybrid system

Fortuner hybrid

Toyota has unveiled its latest 48-volt mild hybrid system for its diesel engines. The main significance is that it could make its way onto the new-gen Fortuner. 

Talking about the mild hybrid system, it comes with two generators and a power split device. This setup allows easier integration and also is lighter, not adding any extra weight on the chassis. The belt-driven motor enables quieter engine restart and smoother response. It also has minimal vibrations, adding to the lower NVH levels. This electric motor also provides torque assistance, comes with regenerative braking and is capable of powering auxiliary systems like fans, steering & pumps. 

Toyota states that the mild-hybrid system is compatible with off-roading with a water-wading capacity of 700mm. 

Fortuner hybrid – Will it come to India?

Fortuner hybrid

Toyota has stated that its 2.8-litre 4-cylinder diesel engine on the Land Cruiser Prado will get this engine in some markets. This same engine also powers the Fortuner and Hilux in the country. So will it come on the new-gen Fortuner? It most likely is, but whether or not it is coming on the Indian model is anybody’s guess. Toyota will be have an update on its existing diesel engines for India as the emissions go tighter.

Would you buy a diesel Fortuner hybrid? We have done a detailed story on the new Fortuner – there have been made some changes in the 2024 model for Thailand. Do check it out.

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