Everyone is looking to buy an SUV in the Indian market. However, one thing many people forget in this SUV craze is the low mileage they deliver. Though modern SUVs come with efficient engines that deliver good mileage. However, you can extract more mileage from your SUVs. Here we have tips on how to improve the mileage of SUVs. 

Be pro-active

SUV mileage

This tip is simple as it sounds. If you are driving on a familiar route and you know about the signals and potholes make sure you lift off the gas pedal early and brake gradually. Such proactive driving can help you a lot to get better mileage. This technique will help reduce the wear and tear of your brake pads. 

Correct usage of the pedals

SUV mileage

To achieve optimal mileage, it is advisable to be mindful of your accelerator usage. Instead of abruptly flooring the pedal, a gentler approach of gradually increasing your revs proves to be more economical. It is beneficial to reach your desired road speed limit in a steady, linear manner. Sudden, forceful acceleration can trigger the engine to sense a power demand, resulting in quicker fuel consumption.

SUV mileage – Better drag

SUV mileage

You must be thinking of drag reduction on an SUV, what a joke! Right. Yes, SUVs are not considered acronymically superior, but you can get some changes. At high speed make sure your windows are rolled up. Also, remove roof carriers or other extra fittings that are hindering the original silhouette of the car. 

Correct tyre pressure

SUV mileage

Tyre is the only point of contact between your car and the road. So it is important to maintain correct tyre pressure. Low tyre pressure will increase the surface area leading to more resistance leading to lower mileage. A higher tyre pressure will not necessarily hamper mileage, but it will affect your tyre life leading to a mileage drop in the long run. Manufacturers generally state the correct pressure on the driver-side door pad. 

SUV mileage – Car service

SUV mileage

A thing a lot of people miss is that how your car will treat you depends on how you treat it. All the consumable parts of the engine like engine oil, air filter, engine oil etc should be changed at the proper intervals mentioned by manufacturers. This will keep your engine in better health and will help it run efficiently leading to better mileage. 

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