Sunroof is a feature that has become the epitome of luxury cars in the late 90s. Lots of movies featured them with actors enjoying the scenic view through them. Over the years, affordable cars also started offering them. Nowadays, many people set the sunroof as their main priority when buying a car.  So really should the sunroof be such a big priority in India? In today’s article, let’s talk about sunroofs in India. 

Climate Conditions

Sunroof in India

India experiences diverse climatic conditions, with hot summers and monsoon seasons prevailing in most regions. The scorching heat during summers necessitates the use of air conditioning in vehicles, rendering sunroofs less functional. Opening the sunroof on a hot day can result in increased heat and discomfort inside the car, making it less desirable for daily use. Moreover, the monsoon season brings heavy rainfall, making it impractical to open sunroofs, as they can allow rainwater to enter the vehicle.

Sunroof in India – Dust and Pollution

Sunroof in India

Indian cities, particularly metropolitan areas, are known for their high pollution levels and dusty environments. Opening a sunroof in such conditions can lead to an accumulation of dust particles and pollutants inside the car, affecting the occupants’ comfort and air quality. To mitigate this issue, most Indian drivers prefer to keep their windows closed and rely on air conditioning for ventilation.

Safety Concerns

Sunroof in India

Road safety is a significant concern in India, with congested roads, erratic driving behaviour, and inconsistent road conditions. Sunroofs, though equipped with safety features like anti-pinch mechanisms, can pose potential hazards in case of accidents or rollovers. Another point is that people come out of the sunroof, which can be very dangerous. In case of sudden braking, the person can be severely injured or thrown out of the car.

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