The sedan segment is well and truly alive, with several new entrants. Last year, VW & Skoda launched Virtus and Slavia, respectively. Following the lead, Hyundai brought in the all-new Verna to directly compete with them and the ever-green Honda City. The Verna has started on a bright note with decent sales in the last two months. So what’s next for Verna? Hyundai could bring the N Line variant of the Verna. In today’s article, let’s talk about the Hyundai Verna N Line 2023.

Verna N Line

Verna N Line 2023

Hyundai has well diversified its lineup by bringing in N-Line variants of its popular car. N-Line cars get some cosmetic changes and some mechanical tweaks to make them unique. We already have N Line variants of the i20 and Venue. So it makes sense that Hyundai’s most sporty car, the Verna, gets an N Line variant. A Verna N Line variant will help Hyundai go against the Virtus Gt line.  

What could change?

Generally, in N-Line variants, Hyundai gives red accents on the exterior. So we expect the same on the Verna and a slightly tweaked grille. In the side profile, we can see more red highlights. As we come to the rear, it could get N Line badging and some tweaks. What about the interiors? We could get the N Line-specific steering and gear lever. The turbo variant already comes with red highlights, so Hyundai will have to do something different. In terms of specifications, we expect the Verna N Line to come with a 1.5-litre turbo petrol engine. Feature-wise, Hyundai could give it a dash camera and some more add-ons.  

Verna N Line 2023 – Launch timeline

Verna N Line 2023

Hyundai has stated that it plans to bring one N-Line variant every year. In 2022, it launched the Venue N Line. According to several reports, the Creta could get an N Line variant in 2024 with the facelift. So this means that the Verna N Line could be launched in 2023. This is still speculation, and Hyundai might not stick to this timeline. Still, the Verna N Line should be on the cards from Hyundai to tap into buyers looking for something unique. 

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