The SUV craze has picked up in the Indian market. All types of SUVs are selling like hotcakes. In all this, People are even buying niche SUVs like Thar and Gurkha. However, these SUVs don’t offer the practicality needed by an average family person. To solve this, Mahindra is working on the 5-door version of the Thar. In today’s article, let’s talk about this Rs 20 lakh SUV.  


20 lakh SUV

The overall silhouette of the Thar 5-door will be identical to the normal Thar. According to our sources, the testing car is still a prototype. Mahindra is looking to give a slightly different design on the Thar 5-door. This could mean a fresh design on the Thar 5-door. 

Rs 20 lakh SUV – Specifications

The Thar 5-door is almost confirmed to come with a modified ladder-on-frame chassis like the Scorpio-N. Engine-wise, the Thar 5-door could share its engine options with the Scorpio-N. So we can expect a 2.0-litre mStallion petrol engine (200bhp/370Nm) and a 2.2-litre mHawk diesel engine (172bhp/370Nm). Both engines should come with manual and automatic gearbox options. 

Expected features

20 lakh SUV

We don’t expect any fancy features on the Thar 5-door. Rather Mahindra will be looking to add more practicality by giving it more useful features that missing in the 3-door version. We could see a new centre armrest, a bigger infotainment system and more storage spaces. Mahindra could also look to update the upholstery colour to add more premiumness to the Thar 5-door. 

Rs 20 lakh SUV – Launch timeline

As stated above, the spotted car till now is the prototype model and the final version could be quite different. This means that the launch of the Thar 5-door could be still a few months away. So when can we expect the launch? We expect Mahindra to launch the Thar 5-door in mid-2024. 

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