Another month has flown by us filled with new car launches and unveils. We have seen so much action in the first four months with the Auto Expo and other stuff. Now we have got the sales report for April and SUVs have continued their dominance. Like every month, we are bringing the list of best-selling SUVs in April. In today’s article, let’s talk about the top SUVs in April 2023. 

Tata Nexon

Top SUVs April 2023

Tata Nexon has snatched back its crown from the Maruti Brezza. After two months, Tata Nexon has once again topped the SUV sales chart in April 2023. Tata has breached the 15,000 mark this time showcasing its dominance. Talking about the Nexon, it is packed with features and comes with a variety of engine and transmission options. The Nexon saw a minor rise from the 14,769 units sold in March 2023. 

Hyundai Creta

Top SUVs April 2023

The Hyundai Creta continues to showcase its dominance in the top SUV list. Rarely the Creta has fallen below the top-5 SUV mark in the country. The Creta is so popular due to its features and the various drive/transmission option it offers. Hyundai is even working on the new 1.5-litre turbo petrol that could further boost its sales. Hyundai sold 14,186 units of the Creta in April. In comparison, the brand sold 14,026 units in March. 

Top SUVs April 2023 – Maruti Brezza

Top SUVs April 2023

After ruling the SUV sales chart for two months, the Brezza has seen a major drop in sales. Maruti sold only 11,836 units of the Brezza in April. We are saying ‘only’ as the Brezza had managed to 16,227 units in March. The Brezza is doing so well due to Maruti’s high reliability and the features it offers. 

Tata Punch

Top SUVs April 2023

The Punch is playing the perfect role for Tata bringing in good sales. With SUVs in demand, Tata played it right by launching the Punch in the dead micro SUV segment. The Punch with its nifty features and SUV perks gives an amicable SUV experience at an affordable price. Tata sold 10,934 units of the Punch in April 2023. In comparison, Tata sold 10,894 units in March 2023. 

Hyundai Venue

Top SUVs April 2023

Following the Creta is its smaller sibling the Hyundai Venue. The Hyundai Venue is doing decent sales since its facelift was launched in the second half of 2022. Hyundai also added variety to its lineup with the ‘N Line’ variant. Hyundai sold 10,324 units of the Venue in April 2023. In comparison, Hyundai sold 10,024 units of the Venue in March 2023. 

Kia Sonet

The Sonet has taken over the lead car mantle from the Seltos in Kia’s lineup. In the last few months, the Sonet is continuously outselling the Seltos. So why is it popular? As a product, the Sonet is known for its aggressive design and features. Kia sold 9,744 units of the Sonet in April. A slight increase from the 8,677 units sold in March. 

Top SUVs April 2023 – Mahindra Scorpio

Top SUVs April 2023

The Scorpio has become the lead Mahindra car in this list. The Scorpio duo has raked in combined sales of 9,054 units in April 2023. A slight increase from the 8,788 units sold in March. Mahindra has loaded the Scorpio-N with everything to take on the Fortuner. Even the Scorpio Classic is doing quite well due to its ruggedness and the belief of people in its capabilities. 

Mahindra Bolero

Top SUVs April 2023

Another Mahindra car on the list is the Bolero. The Bolero continues to bring in good numbers for the Mahindra brand. It’s the oldest SUV in its portfolio but continues to grow strong. It is especially popular in rural areas due to its ruggedness and capabilities. Mahindra sold 9,054 units of the Bolero in April 2023. In comparison, Mahindra sold 9,546 units in March 2023. 

Maruti Fronx

Top SUVs April 2023

Just launched and straight away on the list is the Maruti Fronx. Maruti’s ploy of launching an SUV based on the Baleno seems to be straight away paying off. The Fronx comes with a good amount of ground clearance and a coupe-SUV-like rear design. Maruti sold 8,784 units of the Fronx in its first month.  

Top SUVs April 2023 – Maruti Grand Vitara

Top SUVs April 2023

The Grand Vitara is slowly and steadily rising in the SUV sales chart. It is not yet at Creta’s level, but it is surely knocking on the doors of the Creta. The strong hybrid setup and AWD option have given the Grand Vitara a much-needed edge over the competition. Maruti sold 7,742 units of the Grand Vitara in April 2023. A bit off-drop from the 10,045 units sold in March 2023. 

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