The manufacturer which is renowned for its exquisite SUV lineup has the popular Bolero in its stable. Bolero is a name with which we are all familiarised due to its immense popularity in rural areas and nevertheless being the favourite of the police. This SUV has served the automaker for many years and seems it is about time that Mahindra rejuvenates it. In today’s article, we will talk about the New generation of Bolero.

New generation Bolero – What could it get?

New generation Bolero

The next what we are expecting from the homegrown automaker is the Thar 5-door model. After it, we could see Mahindra updating its long-serving Bolero with some modern-day enhancements. Starting from the core, there are high chances that Mahindra could utilise the more stable chassis of the Scorpio-N for the new gen Bolero. This could easily rectify the body roll which has been the abiding nature of the car. Stability and driving dynamics could witness a major improvement after this addition. This takes us further to the looks and features of the car.

Design and Features  

New generation Bolero

Mahindra could go ahead with sustainable enhancements for the design of the car. Additions like the seven slate grille, new cuts and creases on the bodyline could be some of the enhancements. However, the design department would retain its rugged and boxy body styling to keep the Bolero DNA alive. The design could see a slight improvement in aerodynamics but not drastic. If we move on to the features, we could see the modern additions like a touchscreen infotainment system, a more civilised dashboard and comfortable seats in the car.

New generation Bolero – Engine Details 

New generation Bolero

The new-gen Bolero might continue with the 1.5-litre diesel or simply add the 2.2-litre diesel from the Scorpio Classic. For this generation, the 1.5 seems like a decent option but if we foray into the new generation model with new-age features and modern appeal, Mahindra perhaps gives it the more powerful 2.2-litre diesel that makes 130bhp and 300Nm of torque. This engine would be even more capable of carrying out all the rugged tasks for which this vehicle is generally used.

New generation Bolero – Pricing and Launch 

New generation Bolero

Earlier it had been stated that Mahindra could launch it somewhere between 2023 to 2026. Now, if we look at their upcoming launches, the Thar 5-door is an exciting product. Only then, we could see some actual hints coming up from the brand. What are your thoughts about the car? Are you waiting for it? Let us know in the comments!

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