Tata’s rise in the SUV segment has been quite remarkable. All its SUVs are doing quite well for the brand. Another segment where Tata has excelled is the EV segment. Tata already has four EVs in its lineup, which is double of any other manufacturer. Now Tata is looking to bring another EV based on a popular SUV in its lineup. Can you guess it? It’s the Punch EV. In today’s article, let’s talk about Tata’s popular SUV. 

What could change?

popular Tata SUV

Tata has mastered the art of converting its ICE cars into EVs by doing some minimal changes. The Punch EV could get some subtle changes on the exterior like blue highlights and EV badging. In the interior, we could see more blue highlights. Feature-wise, we can expect it to get all the features of the ICE Punch. Could Tata give it some more? It certainly can seeing the track record of Tata.  


The Punch EV will come with Tata’s tried and tested Ziptron technology. What about the range and battery? The Punch EV could share its specifications with the Nexon EV Prime. Tata could nerf the specs a bit to differentiate it from the Nexon EV. It could get a 26 or 28kWh battery pack with a 100bhp motor. The Punch EV could get a claimed range of 280km to 300km (MIDC claimed). With such specifications, the Punch EV will be ideal for City with its range and compact dimensions.

popular Tata SUV

Tata has already stated that it can convert all its ICE cars into EVs at any given moment. Earlier this year, Tata outrightly confirmed that it plans to launch the Punch EV by the end of this year. So what about the pricing? Tata is known for its aggressive pricing and we can expect the same on the Punch EV. We can expect a starting price around the Rs 14 lakh to Rs 15 lakh mark (on-road, Mumbai). With this pricing, the Punch EV will slot between the Tigor EV and Nexon EV Prime. 

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