The Alcazar, as a product continues to cater a more premium experience for those who want a bigger Creta. The car with its premium second-row seating and extra third row provides extra practicality over its shorter sibling. This has made the Alcazar turn out good for the ones who want a taste of luxury. However, Alcazar’s monopoly could take the edge off due to a new rival coming into the market. This one is from Honda to stand against Hyundai. How well could this Honda Alcazar rival stand? 

Honda Alcazar rival – What is it? 

Honda Alcazar rival

The testing of an all-new Honda SUV is in full swing which has given us a first look at the overall design of the car. Though much cannot be spotted due to the heavy camouflage, there are reports that it will be based on the Amaze’s PF2 platform. This car which is likely to measure 4,200mm to 4,300mm will rival the Creta. The launch of this car is expected soon in the upcoming months. After this, there are chances that Honda might step into the premium 7-seater game to go against the Alcazar. 

Honda Alcazar rival  – Other details 

Honda Alcazar rival

After this Honda is launched, the brand could spawn a new 7-seater iteration of this one. Just like what Hyundai did with the Alcazar, we could see the same treatment to expand its reach.
We recently saw a similar report of Maruti working on a 7-seater Grand Vitara codenamed as Y17. The lucrative aspect of this category has turned out to appeal to many buyers. This Maruti which is likely to launch in 2025, could turn out to be a good rival to the Alcazar. Talking about the Honda, it is expected to get more premium features than its C-segment SUV counterpart. 

Honda Alcazar rival – What could it get?

Honda Alcazar rival

This new 7-seater model is likely to take design iterations from the C-segment model. However, we can see some subtle cosmetic changes on the exterior. The wheelbase and also the increased overhang could be the additions on this one. Talking about the interiors, it could get a mount in terms of feature list and equipment. Focusing on the practicality aspect, we can see additional cubby spaces and a decent third row. What about engine specifications? The engine is likely to remain the same as the C-SUV which is the 1.5-litre petrol and a strong hybrid e:HEV setup. 

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