We all are now familiar with the SUV perks which are now becoming the go-to option for buying a car. However, the efficiency of some models in this segment becomes a spoilsport and thus it gets out of our shortlist. If we talk about the Maruti Brezza, it does offer decent mileage in the pure petrol variant but it seems like Maruti is not stopping here. It is set to even increase the affordable running cost aspect of the car by doing this. What exactly is this Maruti Brezza update? Read below. 

Maruti Brezza update – What exactly is it? 

Maruti Brezza update

We talked about the Maruti Brezza to offer a more economical running cost. How exactly Maruti plans to do it? The brand is giving Brezza the S-CNG update to make it more accessible for that mileage crucial buyer. The addition of CNG in the Brezza would make this car the first-ever CNG model in its segment. The 1.5-litre petrol mill would remain untouched but its power figures would be skimmed down to 87bhp and 121Nm of torque in the CNG mode. Talking about the transmission options, the 5-speed MT would be on offer and there are talks about the 6AT to be offered in CNG as well. 

Maruti Brezza update – New features in CNG?

Maruti Brezza update

The CNG model is most probably to be based on the VXi and ZXi variants of the car. Therefore, all features like the sunroof, alloy wheels, auto AC, touchscreen infotainment, and powered mirrors would be retained. Moreover, the CNG models could also get the bi-fuel data on the MID and the fuel switch on the dashboard. The biggest addition is the CNG tank in the car eating up its 323 litres of boot space. What about pricing and launch? No official details are out about the pricing but we can expect it to be a lakh rupees more expensive. What about the launch? The cars have now started reaching dealership stockyards meaning they could launch very soon.

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