Toyota’s ever-popular SUV which came way back in 2009 has now achieved the top spot in its segment. With almost no rivals competing against it, Fortuner has established its own brand name that resonates with its success in the market. No doubt that Toyota banks heavily on this one as the prices of the Fortuner have touched the Rs 60 lakh mark. Therefore, Toyota wants to keep the momentum of this car by bringing a new generation model. Yes, Toyota is working on the new-gen car which we will discuss today. 

New Toyota Fortuner – Launch timeline

New Toyota Fortuner

The new generation Fortuner would be launched first in Thailand somewhere around the second half of this year. Following it, other South Asian countries along with India would be witnessing the updated Fortuner. In India, we can expect it to launch in the next year. As far as pricing is concerned, the prices could rise by Rs 2 to 3 lakh.

What else to expect?

New Toyota Fortuner

Toyota has already begun working on the new generation of Fortuner. The new SUV which will be underpinned by the TNGA-F platform will have never seen offroad capabilities and excel on the durability front. This is the same platform used by the flagship LC300 and Lexus LX so we would see high-quality standards forming the base of the car. This would also ensure the safety of the car using a flagship platform. Powering the car, we could get the 2.8-litre mill but now integrated with mild hybrid technology. Due to the upcoming stringent emission and RDe norms, the efficiency factor of this full-size SUV would be mounted. 

New Features 

New Toyota Fortuner

The scarcity of features in the Fortuner was a major concern for many buyers but it seems that Toyota has finally understood its importance of it. We now see the Innova HyCross with all the bells and whistles which has even increased the popularity of the car. The same treatment is likely to be followed by the new model. Therefore, we could see a slew of features ranging from a better touchscreen, panoramic sunroof, new instrument cluster and many more.

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