Tata took a gamble by launching the Punch in the micro-SUV segment. Thankfully for Tata, the gamble worked like a treat with the Punch raking in average sales of 10k to 12k per month since its launch. But now another SUV has been unveiled that could take on the Punch. This SUV is the Maruti Fronx. So should a Punch buyer wait for the Fronx? In today’s article, let’s compare Punch vs Fronx.

Turbo petrol engine

The biggest downside of the Punch is the absence of a turbo petrol engine. Even its 1.2-litre naturally aspirated engine is not known for its performance. In comparison, the Fronx comes with a 1.0-litre BoosterJet engine capable of producing 100bhp and 150Nm of torque. This engine is known for its peppy performance on the Baleno RS.


Punch vs Fronx

360-degree is kind of a must-have feature in SUVs due to their big blind spots. Maruti started offering 360-degree cameras with the new Baleno and now even the Fronx gets it. A 360-degree camera gives a fisheye view of the surroundings leading to a better all-around view.

Punch vs Fronx – Heads-up display

Punch vs Fronx

The Fronx comes with a heads-up display similar to the Baleno. The heads-up display is a nifty feature that provides a lot of information in the peripheral vision of the driver. It provides extra convenience to the driver. So Fronx seems a better proposition in this aspect.

Bigger infotainment system

Punch vs Fronx

The Fronx comes with a 9.0-inch infotainment system. In comparison, the Punch comes with a 7.0-inch unit. Also, Maruti’s new infotainment UI is quite smooth and fluid compared to Tata’s unit. If the infotainment system is your priority then the Fronx is the better option.

Punch vs Fronx – Maruti’s service and reliability

Maruti is known for its service and reliability. You can find a Maruti service centre in every nook and corner of the country. This is not to see Tata’s service network is bad, but Maruti easily triumphs over it. Also, service cost-wise, the Fronx will be a lot cheaper than the Punch. So if service cost is your priority, then you should wait for the Fronx.

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