The Nexon which holds the crown of the highest-selling SUV in India has left behind some of the potential cars in the segment. It has achieved it due to its highly segregated variant lineup alongwith eye-catchy special editions. However, it is not all the way loaded like some handful of products in the market. In today’s article, we will talk about missing features in the Tata Nexon.

Nexon missing features – 6 airbags 

Nexon missing features

Tata Nexon has multiple variants on offer which leaves it with plenty of options for the buyers. However, all the variants of the Nexon come standard with dual airbags only. It is now equipped with driver and co-driver airbags. At least it could have had 4 of them to match it with the competition. If Tata gives the Nexon 6-airbags it could sweeten the deal with its 5-star rating. On the other hand, the competition has started to offer 4 airbags as standard.  

Bigger infotainment 

Nexon missing features

The Nexon is equipped with a 7-inch infotainment system and 8 speakers. The audio quality from JBL is commendable but the head unit appears small and basic when compared to its competition. If we talk about the Sonet, it gets the biggest touchscreen in the segment whereas the Nexon’s is the smallest one for now. 

Nexon missing features –  360-degree camera

Nexon missing features

Nexon offers the reverse camera feature from the XZ variant. However, the availability of a reverse camera is not seen in any of the variants. There are high chance that Tata might add this feature alongwith a bigger touchscreen in the next variant. 

Ambient lighting 

Nexon missing features

To uplift the premium feel of the interiors, ambient lighting plays important role. It also helps to overall improve the cabin feel with lively colours. There is a high chance that the facelift update could add this feature in the car. 

Nexon missing features – New fully digital instrument cluster

Nexon missing features

The current model of the Tata Nexon gets a digital instrument cluster. However, it is a black-and-white unit which appears basic and old-school. It’s the need of time that the cluster looks could be kept more modern and happening with some or the other colours.  

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  • Certainly and HUD with the new engine will be cherry on the cake!!!