The full-size SUV from the Japanese automaker embarked on its Indian journey in 2009. Since then it has a record of outselling all of its rival cars and being the undisputed king of its segment. It’s badge value, top-notch reliability and assurance to go anywhere has attracted many buyers. Though the Fortuner has created its own aura but that could change with another upcoming Japanese SUV. Which is this new Toyota Fortuner rival? Let’s find out. 

Toyota Fortuner rival – Design 

Toyota Fortuner rival

We are talking about the ‘X-Trail’ nameplate which is soon to mark its grand comeback into the Indian market. The new vehicle which is based on the CMF-C platform (co-developed with Renault) would get a 3-row seating layout to inhouse 7 passengers. The dimensions of the car would range from 4,681mm in length, 1,840mm in width, and a height of 1,730mm. Talking about the design, it would get all the SUV bells and whistles including roof rails, high ground clearance, Nissan’s signature V-motion front grille, and more. 


Toyota Fortuner rival

If Nissan wants to get its hands on the Fortuner, this sector could be a prime hit for the brand. If we talk about the interiors of the 4th gen X-Trail, it appears more feature rich with a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, an electronic parking brake, auto hold, driving modes, a 360-degree parking camera, Heads Up Display, a panoramic sunroof, ADAS, and more. The car also boasts more soft-touch materials which give an upper hand in terms of interior feel and touch. 

Toyota Fortuner rival – Powertrain 

Toyota Fortuner rival

The new ‘X-Trail’ is set to get turbo petrol paired with 3 hybrid options. No diesel engine would be on offer. However, the petrol mills paired with the hybrid setup are likely to give efficient mileage and also decent offroad capabilities. The car would also get 2WD and AWD powertrain options. The first one is a 1.5-litre petrol hybrid that generates 188bhp and 250Nm of torque. The second one is a 2WD ‘ePOWER’ system that generates 201bhp and 330Nm of torque and it also gets an AWD ‘e-4orce’ option generating 210bhp and a peak torque of 525Nm. 

Toyota Fortuner rival – Pricing and launch 

Toyota Fortuner rival

The car has been spotted testing multiple times on the Indian tarmac. Moreover, the last major event of the brand revealed 3 of its cars – the Juke, Qashqai and the X-Trail. The biggest one of these ‘X-Trail’ is going to be the first car to launch which is in mid-2023. What about pricing? There are chances that the pricing of the car could start just under Rs 40lakh (ex-showroom) Would you buy this instead of Fortuner? Let us know in the comments.

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