Tata, the pioneer of the electric car market in India has started to plan extensively to develop in this sector. The brand showcased 4 of its electric car concepts which are soon to turn into reality. We are talking about Avinya, Curvv, Harrier, and Sierra which would increase their penetration in the EV market. But, if we talk about the Sierra which has been in talks since the Auto Expo 2020 but if we talk about the present-day situation, its still carving into perfection. When could we see the actual production model? Let’s know more. 

Tata Sierra production model – Launch Details

Tata Sierra production model

Tata showcased the close-to-production model of the Sierra EV at the Expo. This model possessed a number of changes to the debutant model at the Auto Expo 2020. The newly showcased model which was present at the Expo boasted a 5-door format with rear doors. There is a high chance that the production model could derive multiple adaptations from this concept. As per Tata, the brand plans to bring the Sierra EV somewhere around late 2024 or early 2025. 

Tata Sierra production model – What else to expect? 

Tata Sierra production model

The overall design of the production model highly depicts the chances of getting a wraparound design wherein the large pane of rear glass could be the iconic highlight. Moreover, if we move to the interiors, we can expect it to be premium with all the modern-day stuff. We are talking about digital instrument cluster, big infotainment system, ambient lighting, and many more. 

Luxury and Performance  

Tata Sierra production model

The brand has talked about the seating layout of the Sierra EV. This EV is likely to be offered with a 4-seater model which would have set-back luxury lounge seats at the rear. This model would be catered towards the chauffeur-driven buyers which are set to get many personalisation details. We are talking about rear parcel trays, plush seats, extended legroom, rear seat entertainment and many more. Another option would be the regular 5-seater layout with more boot space and a regular bench setup for the rear. 

Tata Sierra production model

Talking about the performance of the electric car, it is likely to shine in this sector too. Coming as a premium car from the brand so we are expecting range figures between 500 to 600kms in the EV. There are also talks about the Sierra EV AWD which would get the dual motor setup. 

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