India, the 4th largest market of automobiles is riding high on the electric wave in the sector. It is progressing towards the upliftment of EVs by adding more charging infrastructure and widening the overall EV spectrum. The availability of EVs in the affordable sector has also been boosted with the unveiling of new EVs. However, there’s one more must unique EV coming under Rs 20 lakh. Which is it? Let us find out.

Rs 20lakh EV – Tata Curvv 

Rs 20lakh EV

We are talking about the Tata Curvv concept which was showcased in its close-to-production avatar. The flashy red shade of the Curvv which boasted all of its cuts and creases making it look muscular from every angle. The production car which is set to be based on a Gen 2 platform would get an electric variant first and then the ICE model later. The launch of this car is slated around the start of 2024 which would carry the ‘New Digital Design Language’ of the brand. 

Rs 20 lakh EV – Other details

Rs 20lakh EV

If we talk about the overall design of the production model, alot of elements could be carried forward in the actual production model. The coupe-like tapering roofline of the car is likely to be maintained to portray a sporty and rugged look. What about specifications? First, let’s talk about the debutant electric model which would be getting more than 400kms. The battery specifications of the car are not yet revealed but we are expecting it to get around 50 to 60kWh pack. Then, about the ICE counterpart, Tata will introduce its new set of T-GDi engine which is capable of producing 123bhp and 225Nm of torque. 


Rs 20lakh EV

As this car would lie under the 4.5 metre mark, it would rival the most happening segment of the country. We are talking about the C-segment SUV which has cars like the Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos and more. So, this car has to excel in the feature front. This one could get all the modern-day stuff like a digital instrument cluster, a big infotainment system, powered seats, wireless charging, etc. The ICE and EV model could differ from each other with some features like the EV could get the rotary style gear knob and some other EV-specific elements. Are you excited about the Curvv? Let us know in the comments. 

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