After analyzing all the different aspects while buying a car, we decide to go ahead with one that suits perfectly our needs. We choose the desired model in our required powertrain option and finally book one. But, do you check all the necessary elements before buying it. It often happens that you realise an important flaw after a period of time and then you have to live with it as there’s no option. In today’s article, we will be telling you 4 car features to check before buying a car!

 Car features to check – Headlights 

 Car features to check

The importance of headlights in dark night conditions is a no-brainer. Having a good set of headlamps always nurtures confidence while driving. It often happens sometime that we take test rides of the cars during daytime and we miss this important aspect. Nowadays, we often have multiple types of lights but the most preferred choice is LED lights. Though in some cars they are only available in high-end variants but they turn out worthy. 

Air Conditioning 

 Car features to check

The availability of AC in cars has surpassed decades but we could still see that the AC cooling capacity of cars differs from each other. If your drives are usually when the sun is at its highest in the sky, you seriously need a car that can cool the cabin in no time. There are cases wherein certain models of highly reputed brands have not managed the par. Therefore, check the air conditioning of the car thoroughly. 

 Car features to check – Parking 

 Car features to check

Once you have decided to buy the car and are done with the variant choice, have you ever checked whether it fits in the parking? Another thing to see is that you are getting good visibility of what’s around. Adjust the seat height as per your requirement and check all 4 sides. A car that is easy to park is a great proposition to have.

Car features to check – Seat comfort 

 Car features to check

While you test drive your car, check the side bolstering and the overall seat cushioning of the car. Generally, it depends on the type of car you choose but the most important thing is that it is suitable for your driving style and need. Though you can’t take long test drives to check whether it is comfortable for long rides but at least take your friends and family to check out the rear seat comfort. Make sure that your family members are comfortable enough and that the width of the cabin is decent enough. 

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