Hatchbacks have always been the preferred choice in the country due to their city-friendly dynamics. However, performance hatchbacks have never found the same enthusiasm in the country. The reason is they have been priced quite high for most people. But now Tata could change the game by bringing the Altroz Racer edition. In today’s article, let’s talk about how this upcoming car could be the perfect hot hatchback for India. 

Design changes

hot hatchbacks in India

The overall silhouette of the Altroz Racer is similar to the normal Altroz. However, as the name suggests it gets sportier bits with a black bonnet and white stripes on the bonnet that extends up to the roof. It also gets blacked-out alloy wheels and an extended spoiler. The Altroz already looks quite bold and these new additions could make it even better. 

Hot hatchbacks in India – Specifications

The Altroz Racer is not only a name job and comes with a sportier engine under the hood. It comes with the 1.2-litre turbo petrol engine that does the duties on the Nexon. This engine is capable of producing 118bhp and 170Nm of torque. The Racer only comes with a manual gearbox option. With these upgrades, we can expect a 0-100 time under 10 seconds. 

Interior changes and features

hot hatchbacks in India

Tata has loaded the Altroz Racer with features. The new features can even put the Hyundai i20 feature list to shame. We now have a new 10-inch infotainment system, ventilated seats, wireless charging and a new digital instrument cluster, electric sunroof. Also, we have 6 airbags to go with the 5-star safety score making it one of the safest hatchbacks in the country. 

Hot hatchbacks in India – When is it coming?

hot hatchbacks in India

Tata didn’t reveal the launch timeline of the Altroz Racer at the Expo. However, the official handle of Altroz on Instagram states that the Racer will be launched soon. So the Altroz Racer could be launched in the next few months. What about the pricing? The Altroz Racer could be priced around the Rs 10 lakh mark (ex-showroom).

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