Creta is an important car for Hyundai. It is their top-selling car and also holds the top spot in its segment. It has got all the knicks and knacks you need alongwith variety of powertrain options. This segregated variant lineup has helped the Creta to lure many more buyers. Another major reason why it is a popular name is Hyundai’s constant will to update it with new features. From its initial launch, it has received a facelift and then a generation update which has made the car stay in line with its competition. Now, again we are hearing rumours about the new Hyundai Creta facelift which is likely to come next year. But, is it really coming? Let’s find out.

Creta facelift not coming to India? – Pending bookings 

Hyundai has updated the Creta with a proper generation update in 2020. Then, we had the Knight edition, Executive edition, etc which made it even more pleasing for the buyers. If we talk about the features, Creta has a long list that comprises ventilated seats, wireless charging, ambient lighting, and more. Then, if we talk about its prices, it starts at Rs 12.39 lakh (on-road, Mumbai) and tops at Rs 21.98 lakh (on-road, Mumbai). 

Hyundai creta facelift

This package is already doing well for Hyundai and the brand is banking heavily on the same. There are plenty of bookings for this car and the waiting period is also on the higher side for select variants. This translates to the pre-existing huge demand for the car. So, it is sceptical of Hyundai to bring a facelift model if the existing car is bringing them potential sales. 

Not coming to India? – Kia Seltos rival 

Hyundai and Kia are sister brands on a global level. If we talk about the Creta and Seltos, these both do have the same engines and gearbox options. The feature list is also more or less the same but Seltos gets a few extras. The Seltos is the arch nemesis of the Creta. Kia launched the Seltos in 2019 which chugged its sales. It came one year early which depicts more chances of it getting a facelift update. There are talks that the Seltos facelift is bound to come next year which could come with plenty of updates. So, if Kia launches the Seltos facelift early next year, Hyundai might have to wait to bring their new Creta. This could be another reason why Creta facelift could be postponed. 

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