The C-segment SUV is the goldmine for manufacturers in India. Over the years, the segment has been dominated by the Hyundai Creta. It is closely followed by its sister car the Seltos. Maruti is looking to break the monopoly of Hyundai-Kia with the new Grand Vitara. The Grand Vitara does have a lot of things going for it, but it still misses some features over the Seltos. In today’s article, let’s compare the Kia Seltos vs Grand Vitara. 

Blind spot monitor

The Kia Seltos comes with a blind spot monitor, which activates when the indicators are used. It displays the blind spot on the instrument cluster alerting the driver. It is a very handy feature to have in city traffic and while changing lanes on the highway. 

Front parking sensors

Seltos vs Grand Vitara

The Seltos comes with a 360-degree camera, which is also present in the Grand Vitara. However, the Seltos also comes with front parking sensors. Front parking sensors make it easy to gauge the distance while parking in tight spots. 

Seltos vs Grand Vitara – Rain-sensing wipers

Seltos vs Grand Vitara

The Grand Vitara comes with automatic headlamps. However, Kia takes that one step further by offering auto headlamps and auto wipers. Automatic wipers can sense water on the windshield and automatically turn it on. They can also adjust the speed of the wiper depending on the intensity of the rain.

Power-adjustable seats

Seltos vs Grand Vitara

Kia has tried to make the cabin of the Seltos as convenient as possible for its occupants. The Seltos comes with 8-way power-adjustable seats on the driver’s side. The Grand Vitara on the other hand comes with manual adjustment without adjustable under-thigh support. 

Seltos vs Grand Vitara – Rear sun shades

Seltos vs Grand Vitara

The Seltos comes with rear sun shades on its higher variants. It is a nifty feature to have in the hot climatic conditions of our country. Though rear sun shade can be easily fit as an aftermarket fitment, having them from the factory is an added convenience.

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