Maruti is pushing itself in the SUV segment. It is trying its best to change its image from an affordable car maker to a premium and SUV maker. This year it has launched the updated Brezza and Grand Vitara. It is also working on the 5-door Jimny and Baleno Cross. Now there are reports that we could see a pickup from Maruti. What will be this car? In today’s article, let’s talk about this Maruti Jimny pickup.

What is this pickup?

Maruti Jimny pickup

According to a report published by Bestcarweb, a Japanese website. Suzuki could unveil a pickup version of the Jimny at the Tokyo Motor show in 2023. It will be based on the conventional 3-door Jimny with the rear space extended and converted into a cargo bed. This flatbed can be used for a wide range of purposes. 

Maruti Suzuki Jimny pickup – Could it happen?

These are just rumours for now, but there is a possibility. Considering the Jimny is already quite popular, Suzuki could use its name to foray into the pickup segment. Being a compact car, it could be used for light everyday usage. If it materialises will it come to India? That’s a long shot as the pickup segment is still in its nascent stages. A thing to note is here that the Gypsy sold in India used to come in a pickup form. This Gypsy was based on the second generation Suzuki Jimny. It was also quite succesful in India with it still being used by the army. So it makes sense for Maruti to bring the Jimny pickup in India. Maruti could launch it in the future based on the success of the Jimny.

Details about the 5-door Jimny

Maruti Jimny pickup

The report also stated some details of the much anticipated Jimny 5-door. According to this report, the Jimny 5-door will retain its off-road capabilities, but Maruti-Suzuki will enhance its comfort with modern interiors and features. Maruti is already testing the car in India and we could expect the same on the Indian model. The 5-door Jimny could be unveiled at the Auto Expo of 2023 with a launch happening a few months after the unveiling.

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