The Fortuner has always been a very strong product for Toyota. This full-size SUV’s craze is such that it brings more sales for Toyota than their cheaper cars. Now, many competitors have tried their luck against the Fortuner but have severely failed given this full-size SUV’s popularity in our country. Not so long ago, a carmaker pit its much-hyped product against the Fortuner, but now all in vain. Currently, the brand has started offering this ‘NEWLY-LAUNCHED’ SUV at a massive discount. Which Toyota Fortuner rival are we talking about and what discounts is it being offered with? We discuss in today’s article.

Which is this Toyota Fortuner rival?

Toyota Fortuner rival

Jeep not-so-long ago ambitiously launched the Meridian in India, offering it with modern tech & features to lure in buyers of other brands. But to their surprise, the Meridian has not been able to do the trick, especially against a rival like the Fortuner. The Jeep comes loaded with features like the brand’s UConnect5 UI, panoramic sunroof, a fully-digital instrument cluster, 4X4, powered front seats with ventilation, driver’s seat with memory function, six airbags, wireless charging, etc.

What discount is the Jeep Meridian being offered with?

Toyota Fortuner rival

To draw more buyers, Jeep is offering an upfront discount of Rs 3 lakh on the Meridian. Getting in touch with a few dealerships helped us understand that they are ready to deliver the car within a week, even when many manufacturers are struggling with waiting periods due to the global chip shortage issue. One more interesting thing to note here is that they are willing to offer the Jeep Meridian in the colour choice of the buyer. Also, insurance and other necessary formalities will be taken care of on priority for a Meridian buyer.

What do the past sales figures reveal?

Toyota Fortuner rival

A quick glance at the sales figures made it clear that the Toyota Fortuner beats the Jeep Meridian by a huge margin. Jeep sold 507, 400, 440 units of the Meridian in September, August & July respectively. On the other hand, Toyota sold 2935, 2581, 3000 units of Fortuner in September, August & July respectively.

So, will this now affect your plan? Would you now consider the Meridian with the big discount and promise of quick delivery? Let us know in the comments.

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