Tata is riding high in terms of its sales. Its new breed of SUVs like the Nexon, and Punch are raking in sales. Even its big SUVs like the Harrier and Safari are doing decent enough sales. Like the Safari, Tata is working to revive the Sierra nameplate in India. The Sierra holds a special place in the Indian market as it was the first SUV to be designed and produced in India. In 2020, Tata showcased the Sierra EV. Yes, the Tata Sierra electric is futuristic and all, but an ICE-Sierra would be a game-changer and the enthusiast choice too. So in today’s article, let’s find out.

Petrol and diesel?

Tata Sierra electric

There is a lot of confusion regarding what platform Tata could use on the Sierra EV. According to recent reports, the Sierra EV could be based on the Sigma platform. For context, Sigma is Tata’s Gen-2 platform. The Sigma platform is based on the Alfa architecture but is heavily modified for electrification. So why will the Sierra come in ICE variants? Considering the Sigma platform is just a modified version of the Alfa Architecture, Tata could give petrol and diesel options on the new Sierra. A diesel Sierra could invoke more nostalgia than a Sierra EV. However, early reports had indicated that the Sierra will be an EV only.

What else to expect?

Tata Sierra electric

If Tata gives it a diesel option, it could come with the 2.0-litre diesel engine that powers the Harrier and Safari. Coming to the Sierra EV, it could get a claimed range of 500km to 600km. Now, let’s talk about features as features have become the main selling point of new cars. The Sierra EV will be Tata’s premium offering, and Tata will have to justify it with latest features. What premium features can we expect? Some of the expected features include a big touchscreen, multi-regen mode, dual-zone climate control, a premium sound system and a panoramic sunroof. Tata also recently confirmed its plan to bring 4×4 setup on its future cars and we can expect this off-road setup on the Sierra EV.

Tata Sierra electric – Launch timeline

Tata Sierra electric

Tata has been quite tightlipped about the Sierra EV. However, it has never outrightly denied the development. However, the Sierra EV is not Tata’s priority for now but the brand is looking at all verticals when it comes to making cars of different types & sizes. Before the Sierra EV, Tata is expected to launch the Curvv and Avinya. So, the Sierra EV could not see a launch before 2025.

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