Maruti Jimny is one of the most highly anticipated cars in India. It is likely to be a game changer in the lifestyle offroader segment. There are many reasons why Jimny could outshine the likes of Mahindra Thar and Force Gurkha, and one salient element of all would be its 5-door body style. The Jimny is touted to be a loaded car in terms of features and off-road capabilities. Moreover, there are chances that Maruti could give it a similar feature list as the Brezza. Which 5 important features can Jimny get from the Brezza? Let’s know today.

SmartPlay Pro Plus infotainment system

5 important features Jimny

Maruti has updated its infotainment system which was first seen in the updated Baleno. This new infotainment system is bigger in terms of size and features. It shows more telematic information and other vehicle data in the infotainment itself. Moreover, you also get a better user interface. Jimny does get a 7.0-inch infotainment system which is the regular SmartPlay unit, but, Maruti could update it with the SmartPlay Pro Plus for the Indian market where buyers would also be using this lifestyle vehicle for regular commutes.

Premium sound system

5 important features Jimny

The newly launched Brezza does get a premium Arkamys sound system. It is not always about the speakers but also the tuning. If you have the correct tuning, your speakers can give a much better output without any distortion. In the case of Brezza, its speakers have been tuned quite well. So, adding this quirky feature in the Jimny could definitely increase buyers’ appeal as many buyers prefer a good audio system even in their lifestyle off-roader.

5 important Jimny features – 360-degree camera

5 important features Jimny

It’s a very useful feature for parking big SUVs and Brezza does get it. However, it would make more sense in the Jimny. As Jimny is an off-road vehicle, this feature would be on the rescue if you are trailing some off-road tracks. It would be easier to look around the car for spotting any big hurdles.


5 important features Jimny

Maruti brought its first sunroof-equipped car which was the Brezza. As sunroof has become one major feature in the list of today’s modern buyers, Jimny could come with it. Most Jimny buyers could likely use their cars for weekend trips on country roads. This feature could enhance the overall airy feeling in the cabin.

5 important Jimny features – Rear AC vents

5 important features Jimny

Maruti has started testing the 5-door Jimny on Indian roads recently. This only justifies the fact that our India-spec Jimny is going to be a proper 5-seater vehicle. So, giving it rear AC vents would further enhance the rear seat comfort.

What other feature do you expect in the Jimny 5-door? Do let us know in the comments.

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