With the whole world moving towards electrification, our homegrown automakers are also not behind. One such automaker is Tata, which is the current leader of the EV space in our country. Throwing light on its pure EV plan in the future, it has already unveiled its Gen 3 EV architecture. It is known as ‘Avinya’ which means ‘Innovation’ in Sanskrit language. It is a pure EV platform that would underpin a number of cars in various segments. In today’s article, we will talk about 3 new big cars that are expected to come based on the Tata Avinya platform.

New Tata Avinya platform – Midsize SUV

New Tata Avinya platform

Tata has high ambitions with its Avinya platform. As aforesaid, Tata is looking forward to bringing new cars based on this platform. One major possibility could be a new midsize SUV. There is no chance that Tata would leave this space empty as it has a stronghold in the SUV segment. Its SUVs like the Nexon, Safari, Punch, and Harrier are some of the best products that have levelled up the SUV game for the brand.

There are high chances that a midsize SUV could make its way on this platform. Also, this platform has appropriate stiffness and high structural safety for better drivability. Talking about its battery configurations, it is likely to get 500+ kms of range so that you can commute without any range anxiety. Other than this, Tata has also upgraded the dust and waterproof capabilities that would make it off-road ready.

Fullsize SUV

New Tata Avinya platform

Currently, the full-size SUV segment is being dominated by the Toyota Fortuner. So, can Tata bring a Fortuner rival, a superior product than Safari? It is known that the first car based on the Avinya platform would be unveiled in the year 2025. This clearly states that there is a lot of time in between, in which we could see a change in market trends. This buffer time could be a perfect analysis for Tata to identify the needs of customers and decide whether they should go for a full-size SUV. If they do so, it would be the first big SUV from Tata with an all-electric powertrain. Moreover, due to the benefits of the Avinya platform, it could be one of the most spacious full-size SUVs as well.

New Tata Avinya platform – MPV

New Tata Avinya platform

The Tata Avinya which was showcased earlier was a concept car itself. Though the exact visuals of the platform were not shown, the Avinya concept measures 4300mm in length. However, if you look at the concept closely, the wheelbase of the car looks massive. It almost comprises the overall length of the car. This ignites one more possibility that a new MPV could be on the way.

Tata could bring its first ever electric MPV through Avinya. Unlike any other MPVs on sale, it could get a minimalistic design by excluding an infotainment screen inside the cabin. Other specific characteristics from the Avinya could be adopted like a clean dashboard design, screen integration on the steering wheel, and soothing fragrances in the cabin.

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